Artisanal Blends

Did you ever wonder what the scents of the old smelt like?
What the nobles, statesmen and royalty would indulge their olfactory senses with?

The theme of our Artisanal Oudh Blends is to recreate those experiences of the past, those hidden and coveted formulas that made the perfumers of the ancient orient renowned.

Artisanal Oudh Oil Blends

We spend years collecting and cultivating precious ingredients, assuring every ingredient is in perfect harmony and in accord with the whispers of the narratives of the ancient empires. This is how scents were created in the past; great focus was placed on the essence and temperament of raw ingredients. Through our well-established networks no place is deemed inaccessible in the pursuit of the rarest Oudh oil blends. From the foothills of the Himalayas to the Ice plains of Siberia, from the sun dappled gardens of Taif to the dense jungles of Papua New Guinea, we take satisfaction in piecing together every luxurious ingredient to create truly sophisticated perfumes in a way we only know how.

Our philosophy is to bring the best from the world of fragrances directly to you.

The Power of Our Boutique Scents

At Al Shareef Oudh, we have mastered the traditional craft of creating powerful, aromatic Oudh oil blends. Passed down from our elders with generational love and care, the fine and precious scents of our perfumes are something to be truly appreciated over time.

We believe that a fragrant, traditional Oudh blend has the power to transfix one’s focus and create nostalgia or even visions of times since passed. We source our woods from the world’s most reputable suppliers. All organic, and all grown using traditional methods, the Oudh wood used by Al Shareef in our perfumes is some of the finest available.

When you experience our boutique scents, you will know this too. There is a reason the oil is known as the “Scent of Life” and at Al Shareef we create our blends adhering to this name.

Experience beauty, wonder, nostalgia – all through our powerful and precious blends.

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