Organic Oudh

More often than not mans' weakness of greed takes over his sense of measure and control and man rushes behind his pursuits blindly leaving a trail of destruction behind.

This story is no different for Oudh, the rate at which illegal poaching of Wild Oudh wood occurs has resulted in Wild Oudh becoming a scarcity and not before long, if man continues in his blind pursuit, wild Oudh may even be extinct.

Organic Oudh Wood

From this it is clear that we need to employ alternative measures to ensure sustainable supply of this “fragrance of Paradise”. As Wild trees diminish, no doubt the future of Oudh wood is dependent on renewable & sustainable Oudh. We are keen to continue to provide the rich experience of Oudh to future generations and believe Organic Oudh is the future.

What do we mean by Organic Oudh?

Oudh trees planted on land that did not have any form of wild trees in place; No logging, no land clearance, no displacement of native flora or fauna. Utilising existing agricultural land and cultivating it with Oudh trees in the eco-friendliest arrangement to ensure efficient utilisation of water sources and avoiding chemicals and pesticides. Utilising internationally approved growing techniques the trees mature and harvest ethically to ensure we maintain sustainable continuity.

We are part of one of the largest Organic Oudh initiatives in the world, utilising strict international standards in how we plant, care for, inoculate and harvest Oudh.

Why Purchase Organic Oudh? 

Due to the often-abhorrent nature of the oud wood cultivation process, it is important to know exactly where your product is coming from. As illegally poached Oudh wood oil and perfume is now freely available online and in marketplaces across the globe, the need to preserve the tradition and quality of this timeless fragrance is greater than ever before. 

When you purchase from Al Shareef, preserving the ethical cultivation of this wood is exactly what you are doing. Our fragrances are all created using sustainable farms, and not only is this good for the future of our environment, it is pivotal for the creation of elegant Oudh oils and perfume aromas.

Experience the future in the making.

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