Natural Scents

Time-to-time, we will provide our clients with some of our primary ingredients such as Sandalwood, Rose, Ambergris and so forth, in the most pure and pristine quality. Undoubtedly all natural scents provide their own unique experience to the beholder and our aims is to enrich your olfactory experiences by providing you this offering.

Quality ingredients have played a very important role in our history and our intent is to present those to our clients with a modern twist. An example I like to share with our friends is; in the past Ambergris was pounded into powder, soaked into Ben Oil to create Ambergris Oil, today we artisanally distill Ambergris into a wonderful oil that reduces the pungent profiles and uplifts the sweeter animalic notes. To many they have never heard of such a thing, and jaws drop, to us this is our fusion of tradition and modern techniques to bring to you the best in Natural Scents.

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