A Vibrant, Sage-Infused Cambodi Oud

A Cambodi Oudh from another time- the memoirs of a Sage. I am a strong believer in appreciating and recognising the people around us but when we talk about Oudh we often forget those priceless individuals who make it all possible. 

I want to share with you the story of why we have called this Oudh 'Qais'. In Arabic 'Qais' means strength. This distillation is a homage in appreciation and recognition of the man who distilled it: Abdullah - One of the last remaining Cambodian distillers trained by the great distillers of Assam and one of the few that distil inside Cambodia herself. Cambodia has bared many pains and Abdullah knows most of them, even so, if you were at the receiving end of his warm, toothy smile all of your worries would be dispelled in that very moment.

These days I don’t bother Abdullah with many requests and our day to day business in Cambodia is maintained by his family. I only request favours from him when I know we have something special that will re-ignite the fire in the eyes of this resolute man.

If it wasn’t for his history with us he would not get off his rocking chair, not even for his grandchildren. At his age everything happens with the point of a walking stick, a subtle nod of the head and the raising of one or both eyebrows.

Something To Be Happy About…

When we received this batch of wood we knew Abdullah would be excited. Good wood for distillation is hard to come by in Cambodia, especially wild wood. Though this was not sink grade wood it had a certain scent profile that I knew would intrigue Abdullah and kindle his spark to bottle such a bewitching scent.

Mossy Al Shareef Oudh dipped in Vanilla cream, with nuances of berries and oriental resins, floating into whispers of sweet spices with breezes of ever green leaves. Settling into a dry-down of cream candy, baby cinnamon dust and wood white musk.

A person’s temperament is manifest in their artistry. 

Oudh Qais is the story of this old Sage: his wisdom, experiences, passions and strength.


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What our discerning clientele are saying:

Qais is intriguing because it contains so many disparate elements. A lot of Cambodian oils smell of sweet plums and dried fruits, but Qais’ fruit has begun to ferment, transforming breakfast jam into tangy plum liquor and cherry cordial. A zingy, tart licorice twist in these fruity notes gives them an edge, a sinewy energy that overshadows a hint of dampness. Earthy, moist, golden tobacco and campfire smoke contribute to the oil’s depth and opacity. It’s thick, succulent sweetness is tempered by the bitterness of French roast coffee, by cassia’s spicy dryness, the balsamic sweetness of poplar buds, and a cool, eucalyptus trill. These unexpected elements add flair and snap to the usual Cambodian profile. Considering the lavish amplitude of the opening, the drydown is surprisingly gentle, a pillow of soft woods, lambswool and sunkissed skin. I really enjoy oils that either reveal new or shift facets every time I smell them. Oud Qais is one of them. 

Thanks for such a luscious oil! M.W USA


This was an interesting oil, it started off with dry wood, abit of chocolate and a play dough note. Quickly there was the typical Cambodi fruits, plums, cherries, jams. The oil wasn't linear, the fruit notes kept changing back and forth with notes of cream cheese and a waxy/play dough smell. The fruits intensified and sweetened, reminded me of the smell  of bakewell tarts. There was more woodiness and tobacco before drying down. I found the dry down similar but yet different to other cambodis, the cambodi 'oudy' smell wasn't as strong as in most Cambodis. It seems there were other notes still hanging around strongly. A very dynamic oil. A.R.G UK


I am wearing Qais for Jummuah prayers and WOW it's just amazing, really fruity and sweet like honey. It is the perfect Cambodi, just beautiful. After wearing this for a whole week, I understand how a wild Cambodi should really smell like. F.A UK


Oudh Qais is so clean! Y.B UK


Oud Al Qais has beautiful sweet fruits, really exclusive!!! A.C Brazil




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