"He stood at the door of the Emir's court knowing the prominent court officials will enter and the huge wooden doors would be swung open once again, every interval stretched for what seemed like forever. When the doors would open - he would inhale -thirstily flooding his lungs and olfactory senses with delight after delight, grafting the beguiling scent into his very core before the doors would close once again...."

Al-Zamakhsharī the great polymath narrates in his Rabīʿ al-Abrār wa Fususal-Akhbār;

ʿAbdullāh bin Jaʿfar gave Muʿāwiyah (RA) a glass bottle (qārūrah) of perfume; and Muʿāwiyah questioned how much he had spent on it.

Jaʿfar replied “A hefty sum (māl),”

Muʿāwiyah said, “This is valuable (Ghāliyah)”

And that is how the name Al Ghāliyah was born - the valuable, the dear, the grand.

What was inside that bottle? Not many know, but countless have claimed to have the formula.

The blending of Al-Ghāliyah was an art, and the ʿAbbāsid caliphs excelled in it. Perfumers who possessed exceptional skills in the blending of the Emir's favourite scents would be substantially rewarded and kept in favour, and those who were the most skilled with Al-Ghāliyah were the most highly regarded of - almost an unofficial recognition, a royal proclamation of the skill and talent of the perfumer.

The ingredients of this wonder of wonders had been kept shrouded within a family for generations - we were lucky to have access to it. Today, you are looking at the recreation of this gem using the exact formula the great perfumers of the past had composed.

6 long years to gather the perfect raw ingredients - we travelled from New Zealand to the Himalayas, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, this was just the beginning of the journey. Preparing the ingredients took a number of months, each of the ingredients needing to be composed to a precise consistency, in a perfect state of balance before they could carefully be infused together.

When you wear Al-Ghāliyah you appreciate why it was declared 'the most valuable of all valuables, the precious and dear'. Experience a sense of the exquisite scents that drifted in the notable courts of the Emirs of far-flung times.

Al-Ghāliyah opens with animalic musk wrapped in sweet floral spices transcending into wild oceanic waves splashing at the shores of fine musky beaches. For the dry down imagine lying down by the sea in a bed of rose-soaked musk, not animalic but sweet musk, the grazing breeze around you infused with silk smooth oudh woods.

Al-Ghāliyah puts a kick in your step, straightens your posture, you feel a force of confidence build in you, a boost to your soul, heads turn, this is a scent that turns a bad day into a good evening.

Al Ghāliyah is what our Caliphs, Emirs and Sultans wore and today we bring it to you.

Limited release- ensure you have a piece from the tapestry of olfactory the narrative.

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

Once i received the package i saw the Al-Ghalyiah put it on and wow i really loved it. Fantastic job on that perfume. J.S USA


Shukran jazeelan for the fast shipping.  Mashallah, Al-Ghaliyah is so beautiful, so balanced, so compelling, it is a perfect showcase of your aesthetic tradition.V.K UK


Woah. This is so intense, warm, dirty. 

Backstory, my first fragrance was Kouros, and I was never able to find such dirtyness and warmth from a lot of fragrances that I had tried since then.

I had to mention this, because now it feels everything has come full circle for me in my fragrance journey. This one brought back a lot of good, comforting memories for me.

Al Ghaliyah is very well blended and very smooth. It has no sour or sharp notes, just pure skanky, dirty animallic musk and civet that's very high quality. It also has an uplifting sweetness to it as well to keep the musk/civet at bay, and I think there's saffron in there as well, one of my favourite notes in eastern perfume that always adds some elegance.

This may be a bit strange, but I definitely get a strong sexual vibe from it as well. I feel like a beast just putting it on.

All in all, I love it! It brings a smile to my face, it's a very personal smell for me. J.T CANADA


Here are my thoughts on ghaliya, I loved the fact that you used loads of musk. 

Straight away I can tell why this has a high price tag. This is very musk heavy, I think this is the most musky mukhallat I've ever smelt. It starts off with strong oud and musk, very strong but at the same time with a powdery softness. Rose and ambergris seem to float over the heavier musky woods, everything seems to come together to a warm animalic powdery woody scent with a slightly sweet floralness. The musk gives off even more powdery warmth in the dry down with the ambergris giving a sea like coolness.  A.R.G UK


I'm now wearing a sample of Al Shareef Oudh's, Al-Ghaliyah mukhallat. It's sweet liquorice musk and pure ambergris. I also detect rose and oud. A classic style blend of the highest quality. Stunningly good! A.S NETHERLANDS


How lucky can I be that Al-Ghaliyah contains so many of my favorite materials- oud, rose, ambergris and musk! This oil is rich! rich! rich! and, as a lover of Indian oils, its unabashedly animalic, seductive opening is right up my alley.

Vanilla, bittersweet chocolate, lemony rose, loamy earth, smooth saffron and medicinal myrrh all make an appearance from the very first moment of application, but wild musk, partnering a bold and outspoken oud, take center stage and are clearly the dominant notes from first swipe to final whisper. The musk smells wildly provocative and brazen, and the musky oud is happy to join the stampede. Even the rose is more voluptuous vixen than demure damsel. Rose initially adds a full-bodied and sumptuous richness to its lusty companions, and it isn’t until hours later that it morphs into a soft and powdery talcum note that features very prominently in the drydown.  By this time the scent’s unbridled intensity has faded, and ultra smooth, harmonious, woody and powdery notes suffuse the final, “skin scent” phase of the oil.

Ambergris’ gift is the trilling buoyancy and silvery coolness that float above the fragrance’s primal vigor, as well as its contribution to its unflagging longevity.

 According to al-Nuwayri, a 14th c. Muslim historian, when Al-Ghaliyah was blended for caliphs it was stored in a silver flask sealed with a cotton-stuffed Chinese silk stopper. Having smelled Al-Shareef’s Al-Ghaliyah, I can easily understand why this long-revered and precious perfume was accorded such royal treatment! M.W USA


I was wearing Al Ghaliyah today, it starts off with intense musk and spices which was really well balanced. It is reminiscent of a incense shop with all the different bakhoors being burnt.  The musk then settles and becomes soft, and in the dry down it is a mixture of musk and oud. It does last a long time MashaAllah! F.A UK

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