Have you ever wished to combine the most intriguing facets of Oudhs? To blend the most tantalising notes, regardless of region, to illustrate pure perfection.

The clean barnyard of an aged Hindi… 

The bottomless jungle green of a Borneo

Woody fruits of the Cambodian...

And rich oriental resin of the most supreme Malaysian

Artiscally blended with precision to produce one of the most alluring and comprehensive Signature Oudh Oils – Ridhwan.

Ridhwan is a voyage across the varying terrains of Oudh; collecting the luxurious aspects from what I consider the Abodes of Oudh to create the signature Oudh. Today it would be near impossible to trek the path we undertook many years ago - the hills, streams, jungles, flora and fauna are a distant memory  and no longer exist, the urban sprawl of human development having taken over.

If you could have one bottle of Oudh that would remind you of all the best Oudhs you have ever smelt, then this would be it. The original stock of our Assam Malaki Oudh, aged for 8 years, Royal Malaysian Oudh Oil aged for 4 years, the best of what Cambodia had to offer in her hay-day and a surprise to you; an Oudh exclusive to Al Shareef Oudh, most likely the first distillation of Oudh that you would have smelt from the Cape of Redeb Berau. This blend contains some Oudhs that we have never released before. 

Have no doubt about it this work of art will make the back of your palate tickle; experience Oudh in its full glory - no timidness, no shyness and definitely no apologies.

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

As soon as I smelled Ridhwan whatever doubts I had about blending oils were immediately dismissed! I’m enjoying every element of your intoxicating potion and there’s not a single one that seems out of sync, discordant or just “off". The oil  smells so resoundingly  robust and rich it’s hard to believe it's composed solely of ouds and not an entire range of very selectively and lovingly chosen essential oils. Some ouds put me in a contemplative mood; some are relaxing; others stimulate happiness and energy and some make me feel very pampered and spoiled. When I smell Ridhwan I feel satisfied in a very deep and basic way- the way I used to feel when my father put his hand on my shoulder and said “good job!” Ridhwan makes me smile- not with joy but with a sense of completeness and fulfillment. Right after I put it on I thought I should analyze it- what part of the scent was Cambodian? Did I smell something 
Indian? Which was the Malaysian element? But that impulse lasted only for a moment. The oil smelled so “whole"- so “right”- that I forgot about picking it apart and contented myself with just zoning out and enjoying it. I feel a little foolish that my prejudice against blending ouds has lasted so long and has been so tenacious. Even after smelling Ridhwan's satiating scent I’m asking myself if it's an exception that succeeds because its components  are particularly compatible and because you were especially wise choosing and apportioning them. Although I may never know the answer to this question I’m very, very happy you created Ridhwah-  both because of I feel impressively gratified when I smell it, and because it has opened up doors of possibilities I would never have thought existed. Thank you for this complex and captivating creation, Al Shareef! It's a Ramadhan gift I know I will enjoy far into the future.

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