There are many nuances and shades of the wild that resonate within the core of our existence, and as humans, our souls are silently connected to the wild around us: the chirping of birds, the song of crickets and the jagged splashes of waves crashing against the shore line...The wilderness is an orchestra our soul is implicitly tuned to - its crescendo pure and freeing.

In our ever progressing world, we hear more frequently than ever of the benefits of nature,  of boutique ‘retreats’ in the depth of the jungles claiming to detox the mind body and soul of the pollutions and stresses of modern life. Though our residences may have moved from caves to multiplexes there remains the innate yearning in our depth, a flicker, a persistent longing that craves the memoirs of the wild.

Our olfactory association to this craving is no different. Olfaction memory is the science of how memories are associated with scents and the length of time they remain with us. Revisiting a particular scent can bring back memories that were otherwise forgotten…Whilst there are complex, beautiful scents and perfumes being developed by leadings brands every day, nothing can take the place of the raw, simple, yet magnificently perplexing scents of mother nature.

SAQR is the scent your innate being yearns for.  Unshackle your natural self and walk the sharp edge of nature; ebullient ta’ifi rose glazing the surface of deep matured musk, treasures of the wild narrated by smoky woody notes that flood and tantalise the senses.

Soar like the seasoned falcon over Al Kindi's landscape of natural scents. Harness the finest from wild ingredients to achieve olfactory bliss; Himalayan musk ground with delicate precision and tender gentleness, then soaked in Malaysian Oudh for 10 years, smoothed out with some Civet and the softest caress off our world famous Ta’ifi Rose.

Enjoy one of the most amazing formulas of wild ingredients from the ancient world, calm your emotions and free your soul.

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

I have tried many different blends, but Saqr is the best blend. H.K UK

The most beautiful, potent, long lasting blend of rose, musk and oudh, perfectly executed. F.H Australia

Simply majestic, what a wonderful experience the light rose coming through the deep musk and woods I love how you have stretch the rose experience through out the progession of the mukhalat. The musk is one of the smoothest animalics I have every experienced it goes heavenly with the choice of oudh. Loving it!!! MI UK


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