Mukhmal (Noun).

Texturally decadent, sinfully smooth and luxuriously sumptuous...

Smooth and Indulgent Mukhallat Perfume Available Online

From the Arabic word meaning VelvetMukhmal perfume is a delicious blend reminiscent of the unbridled and opulent glamour of the tales of ‘A thousand and One Nights’ striking the senses with a delicate & fruity velveteen sweetness.  

It is as one of our Middle Eastern clients so succinctly put it ‘Quite simply one of the finest Mukhallat perfumes you will ever experience”.

Once Almost Lost, is Now Here for Pure Enjoyment…

Mukhmal was the Mukhallat (blend) that near slipped through our hands - Whilst we were in pursuit of the evasive Mysore Sandalwood Oil we were searching for a unique scent profile...An Oil with whispers of woody spiciness unfurling into a creamy sensorial dry down.  A Mysore Yes! but without the overt saccharine like, cloying buttery notes. After testing and reviewing many Oils we finally discovered the perfect specimen of Santalum Album Oil, patiently aged for 10 years and promising to bring our aromatic vision to life.

Deliberately and progressively blended, this Artisanal Oil demanded the gradual resting of each precious component for the final blend to sing in harmony. Oudh is steeped with Sandalwood until it reaches a seamless and consistent scent profile followed by a blossoming Ta’ifi rose and then a burst of magnetic Civet. This is then further rested before the concluding exquisite ingredients are added, shaping an impeccable scent basking you in gentle roses, soft spices, creamy sandalwood and a bright floral Oudh dry down.

As demand is high we know not everyone will be able to acquire a full bottle of this particular Oil, so we have a very limited number of free samples for those who are keen to sample this blissful Oil.

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

Wohoa this is one amazing scent, I love it. M.T Australia


Beautiful beautiful mukhalat, I do not have enough words to explain how beautiful this is, may Allah bless your good work. Y.M KSA


I own many different Mukhallats by different Arabian perfume houses, but Mukhmal is in a league of it's own, Quite simply one of the finest Mukhallat perfumes you will ever experience. It brings me peace, happiness and comfort, it is like a smooth blanket of joy that I never get bored of. A.A KSA


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