Anhaar - A tribute to Bengal, the land of many rivers.

From the Arabic word Nahr (river pl. Anhaar).

For centuries the Indian subcontinent has arguably produced the most luxurious and fine Oudh Oils. Whilst that accomplished legacy may be questioned due to wayward practices carried out by both greedy growers and distillers it is understandable the outside world has the expectation and belief that the best Oudh will always be Hindi.

Treasurable oil harvested from trees on the Khagrachari Hills of Bangladesh, home to the Mong Chief, the King of the Arakanese. This area is breathtakingly beautiful. Vast hills covered in dense forest, valleys of flowing rivers, rich sun-baked earth, and the thick pulsating scent of forest life. Amongst the reverberating stillness lies the wilderness and matured sense of royalty that is present amidst the Arakanese.  Distilled on site in 2014, this Oil very much carries the feel of this regal region.

Our trees are allowed to grow naturally in the outskirts of wild forests infected by nature or with minimal assistance from men. Many vendors classify such trees as wild, but we classify these as natural trees – planted by man and nurtured by Mother Nature.

With this rich legacy in mind we have released Anhaar to give you a taste of modern Hindi Oudh Oil wrapped in traditional legacy. Too many distillers focus on making 'clean' scents and through that process skip important details held by the resin in the wood. Our aim was not to produce a meek and fluffy scent that was passive and undistinguishable. This Oil is about the intricacies, depth and facets of the Oudh scent, and we promise we have seized and projected every detail. It will demand your attention and the attention of those around you, it will flirt, tantalise and challenge your senses. Temptingly dirty - not to make you run away, but to invite you to explore further - and you will return for more.

Layers of Oudhiness, the floral veil of a dark rose, glimpses of sun-beaten barn, flirtatious animal, spicy herbs and oriental resin - It is Anhaar. A rich and hypnotically elegant oil guaranteed to entrance.

Anhaar…A daring passage across lush forests and iridescent gushing rivers.

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

I like this oil and am thrilled that it doesn't contain some of the "off notes" I too often smell in plantation Oud. I don't know if that's because of how the trees were raised or because of the way it was distilled. For whatever reason- it works! ;) it's dry and earthy and smells thick and deep. The spiciness you mention is subtle and sweet, adding a pinch of energy to the bittersweet, tangy plum-infused woods. Although there's a barnyard element it veers in the direction of buffed leather so I wouldn't hesitate to wear it in public. I am also enjoying the scent of campfire smoke and peat. M.W USA

People are comparing Anhaar with Kalakassi but i think it is more complex and refined than kalakassi...A.I USA


This reminds me of Kalakassi. U.L India


Anhaar evokes standing on the banks of clear water running river with a breeze blowing by, this is so beautiful. M.I USA


When I put on Anhaar I was on a boat sailing up the rivers of the bengal, experiencing rich valleys of oudh, spices, resin, and as you accurately mention sun baked earth. I am not a Hindi oil fan, but this is the best Hindi oil I have tried. A.O Australia


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