The tale of a fragrant OrchardBustan.

It is not unusual to come across Oudh Oils projecting the varying tones of fruit; plum jams, hints of citrus and the odd bunch of berries, but imagine an artisanal Oil capturing not just the notes of fruits but the captivating essence of an Orchard garden - the aromas of thick trunks, hardy tree stems, bulging pulps, and the fresh woody scent of newly felled trees. This is Bustan.

Distilled on site in 2013, in the North of the Malaysian Mainland, Bustan is a fragrance of intrigue, a scent that tickles the palate. Traditionally, ‘Bustan’ meaning ‘garden’ in Arabic is used to describe not any ordinary garden but a place filled with beautiful fragrances. We named this Oil such, as the part of the jungle we got this tree from had an orchard-like scent to it - a fragrance incomparable to its surroundings. This was a clear example of the varying effect of climate, soil and weather in producing differing Oils.

When distilling Bustan, our vision was to capture both the depth of the resin and the freshness of the oil. Bustan reveals not only the deep wood scent but the facets of fresher green notes, the greenness being not flowery but richer, filled with the lushness of stems and pulp. The wood used had a deep and rich resin with lots of transition oil sitting between the resin and oil.

Noticeably thicker than normal Oil, Bustan was cured then aged for 2 years - it is now on its third year, giving this oil character and depth in complexity - a wondrous journey to have on the wrist and explore.

Merging together the world of scents associated with deep dark resins and their counterparts of bright crisp green notes, Bustan is incredibly intricate. A Fruit tree woody scent with a brush of camphor top note, like a soft breeze caressing the scent of wood. The middle is a cool green resinous note with plenty of horizontal complexity. Imagine the coolness of mint without the mintiness, herbal palm, chopped bamboos and orchid blossom. The dry down is deep wood resin, oudh, rhubarb leaves and cinnamon with oriental spices, not hot but cool.

As one of our clients mentioned “I will use this as a bench mark for Malaysian oudh”.

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

I will use this as a bench mark for Malaysian oudh, M.W USA


What a wonderful oil Al Shareef, rich, lush, deep yet fresh and crisp. I love how there is fruit trees but not fruits, you are spot on with the resins and rhubarb in the dry down, i cant stop smelling my wrist. F.H  UK


I like fruity Oudh and I didnt think I would like this oil, but it is growing over me and I am applying it more often. H.M UK


 Bustan seems to have a woody fruit tree flowering scent with a touch of Camphor. Like a soft breeze. Well Melded, Lovely, WOW! L.K USA

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