‘Itr Al-Ward - A mesmerising twining of the finest rose.

The ‘Attaar (loosely translated as perfumer, chemist or even an apothecary) had always had a pivotal role in society. These skilful individuals supported the needs of their societies through multiple ways - from providing healthcare and medicines to secret recipes, coveted items and scents, thus, making them a treasured asset to their societies. It was imperative for the Attaar perfume to have mastery of multiple arts and the art of perfumery coupled with the art of distillation was one they had truly mastered and by today’s standard of perfumery these individuals would have been heralded geniuses.

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Being true artisans, these alchemists recognized the properties of their ingredients, knew what behaviour to expect from them and understood how to yield the best possible results by the combinations they used. They had a clear vision and didn’t require numerous oils to be blended haphazardly in a cacophony; rather, they gathered raw materials directly into the legendary ‘qidr’ or ‘degh’  travelling directly to the sources of their ingredients to ensure freshness of produce. 

A true ‘attar is never a mere compendium of differing ingredients carried out on a lab bench top. Traditional distillers fashioned their attars by co-distilling components in special pots to produce a seamless fusion of harmonised notes… following one of our traditional Rose ‘Attar formulae ‘Itr al-Ward brings that experience to you.

The Journey of the Pot

Our pot was to be filled with the melody of the Damask Rose.

Endeavouring to produce a fragrance smelling true to its raw material was a challenge.  We painstakingly dissected every scent note of this rose to craft a unique Attar perfume with complementary ingredients enhancing the star of this blend; Damask Rose. Nurtured in two different locations (Ta’if and Kazanlak), each rose blossomed within its own climate, earth and mysteries of Mother Nature bringing forth remarkable facets of the much-lauded Damask rose.

After rigorously selecting our ingredients we distilled them in-house to extract not just their oils but the essences of their ingredients, what they symbolise in society and the meanings they evoke to the beholder.

The Ingredients:

Saffron; In my many years of distillation and creating scents I had not heard of anyone distilling the Golden Seal saffron of Kashmir, this is arguably the best saffron in the world, Kashmiri saffron is recognisable by its dark purple hue; it is among the world's darkest, which hints at strong flavour, aroma, and colouring effect. It demands a price in weight greater than gold. In modern day perfumery it is hardly heard of. Most saffron perfumery products are derived from the stems of the plant rather than the actual saffron threads. In ‘Itr al Ward we utilised the actual saffron threads to create a warm elegantly aged note of luxury honey-hay.

Frankincense; Due to the famed Omani crops being neglected by traditional growers, Somalian Frankincense and Myrrh have become extremely popular over the last few years. In fact, many traders will buy Frankincense from the Somalian families and hawk it off as ‘the famous Hojari’ as it is difficult to tell the difference. We hand collected the cream of the Somalian crop - Frankincense that delivers an ethereal, dry, diffusive, bright and crispy aroma  for the purpose of our middle notes.

Spices; Tantalising glimpses of Clove, Pepper, Cinnamon, Aniseed and Cardamom provide a warm spice presence often neglected from modern-day Rose Attars.

Finally, Vintage Mysore, Oudh and aged Musk were blended in finely-tuned proportions to create a luscious harmony of notes dancing with the Rose notes.

‘Itr Al-Ward is a vivid and luxurious celebration of a flourishing rose garden. 

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

What a vibrant, fresh, rosey attar. I love the journey that this perfume provides, the crisp taifi opening winding into the powdery bulgarian, sliding into the aroma of the frankincense, then myrrh followed by the lovely smooth woods. My other rose attars last a couple of hours, this LASTs the whole day, absolutely wonderful! R.M AUSTRALIA

Itr Al Ward is a walk through a rose garden with spice gardens on the edges and sandalwood + oud trees every now and then. The rose shines through in this attar like the sun rising over the hills in the morning, bright, clear and clean. The frankincense has become very rounded, I assume because of the musk and it works really well with the woods. I am loving this! F.H UK

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