HUDHAYL - The Wood
During the high and late medieval periods Arabian traders dominated the maritime routes throughout the Indian Ocean allowing them the ability to expand the spice trade from the Indian Subcontinent and the Far East, via land and sea to the rest of the world. They traded and shipped spices, scents & woods from the trading emporiums of India westwards towards the Persian Gulf and onto Europe.

Our historical texts reference the merchandise from India with much admiration - whether it was the Al Qist Al Hindi (Costus Roots) with its many healing benefits or the Mandalee the most supreme of the Indian Oudhs, these were considered the prime & crème de la crème commodities of their time. In fact, not even gold could be compared to the value of a chest of Mandalee or the exquisite Samandari Oudhs of Kerala. Mandalee was for the Arabs as Kyara is for the Japanese and Kinam for the Chinese.

According to our tradition Mandalee is considered “the best of Indian Oudh wood” - with this in mind, we began a journey to bring to you glimpses of Mandalee - something the majority of people have never ever experienced. Our philosophy was to take you on a journey back in time, to experience the delights of years gone by and to give you an opportunity to luxuriate in the scent of fine Indian Oudh wood.


Though nowadays one of the more popular methods of Oud wood application is by way of its Oil, historically this was not the case. The foremost method of Oudh enjoyed by countless people around the world was the burning of its precious wood as fragrant incense.

In the Arabian Peninsula burning Oudh Wood as incense was and continues to be relished as a daily part of life. Winding down after meals have been served, the coffee simmering away on a make shift wood fire, a piece of charcoal is placed on the renowned Mabkhara, allowed to rest to white ash and a wonderful resinous Oudh chip placed upon the charcoal to bubble away as family and friends relax and leisurely sip away on spiced Arabic Coffee and revel in the aromatic wafts of Oudh.

When placing a tiny piece of Hudhayl on my electrical burner the initial waft is a dusty rose immersed in ambergris, progressing into a deep oriental resin with wisps of dark dry fruits. Add to that a few touches of Tabaco, some spices, and a faint tremor of freshly slashed herbs.  Marrying intermittently with silky rich leather and the woodiness that is synonymous with the best of Hindi oudhs. These chips don’t smell like woods burning they are a complete perfumery experience. 

We will be following the release of Hudhayl with oil distilled from shavings of this very wood (HUDHAYL - The Oil) so that you may enjoy a complete experience of this rare gem.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the symphony that is Hudhayl. 

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

People are going to flip when they see your wood, Al Shareef. Not only the scent but the size of the pieces is incredible! I haven’t tried the lighter wood yet but the darker wood smells incredibly sweet. If people smelled this wood they wouldn’t care that they couldn’t afford kyara. The nicest thing I can say about it is that it smells divine, as it is :-)  M.W U.S.A

From all the Indian woods I have this burns totally different and very distinct, it is an amazing wood. T.G UAE

wow this has totally blown me away, I can see why people would opt for this over Kyara. Having spent time in the Gulf, Hudhayl is in such harmony with what is bediuon arab. What a wonderful journey in time. F.H UK

Hudhayl is simply the best wood I ever burnt MashaAllah. J.T France



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