HUDHAYL – The Wood, was a first time experience for many of our customers. The genre and quality of Hudhayl is often reminisced of in fond stories shared in the majlis by the elder generation of tribal Shuyukh of ‘the old days’ - fragrant wood of such a high calibre is not to be found easily in the market today.

We were humbled by the overwhelming response and gratitude received from you - our dear clients. You, who thoroughly appreciated this wonderful offering and delighted in what it represented from our legacy, and when we were contemplating the release of Hudhayl – the Wood, we knew the experience would only be complete if we accompanied it with HUDHAYL – the Oil.

As you would have noted, the immaculate presentation of the wood is a result of our meticulous cleaning process wherein all traces of excess wood are removed and what remains is resinous, rich dark olfactory heaven. This ensures that you, the consumer, are only paying for fragrant resin-filled wood and not just white traces. The benefit for us is we are left with a sizeable amount of fine dust and shavings of rich dark wood to craft mesmerising, encapsulating and time holding oil that is as unique and special to an Oud lover as Cartier Santos is to a watch aficionado.

Utilising modern materials, we assembled a traditionally-styled degh complete with the turtle bend running through a tank for cooling, with a Qaroor at the opposite end to collect the precious drops of Hudhayl.

Upon the first drops landing into the Qaroor, our little factory (in the edge of the Assam ranges that extend into Bangladesh) filled with a heart pulsating scent that froze my mind in awe of what we had just created. What I smelt here was synonymous with the incredible Oudh oils my grandfather wore. With wafts of the scent of Mandalee, Hudhayl is akin to the famed Oudh the great poets sung couplets for.

Dark and deep, sweet velvet-oozing, a resin so rich it enlightens the mind and brings the heart to a piercing state of focus and clarity – this is the reason why the sages of Knowledge would burn best of Hindi oudhs in  their gatherings of knowledge.

I know there is a lot of reference to burning a chip when describing oudh oils. However imagine this, the scent of oozing oudh resin bubbling in a caldron without the smoke simply pure oudh vapour hitting your olfactory senses. Fragrant herbs, resinous woods, deep dark ripened fruits, a breeze of floral clay, even some peppery spices.

What engages the olfactory sense is a perfectly time cubed of aroma, each facet rotating in perfect harmony, residing for just the perfect length of time before a different facet, another ray, and another alternate dimension reveals itself to you.  This is not a one day or one week oil, it will take you many weeks to decipher the multitude of facets this oil has to the extent that it will command a permanent place on your wrist. 

Hudhayl – The Oil is a timeless journey through the peaks and valleys of the Oudh experience, be a part of it

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

When I smell Hudhayl my thoughts drift to memories of Kenya- the infinite expanse of baobob-dotted scrub, towering giraffes silhouetted against ochre hills, a lion’s majesty scattering zebras, dik diks and impalas, the tonnage of elephant moms herding smiling, wrinkled babies. An immense stretch of earth and heaving hides. The sky, a blinding silver sheet, ripples beyond infinity. Hudhayl embodies the same timeless gravity, penetrating starkness and primal dignity.  It is not a trendy oil; it is a classic you will remember. M.W USA

This Hindi from Al Shareef is exquisite. It starts with barn of dignified and noble character -- leather and hay and slight pasture all in balance. A combo of medicinal plus gentle smoke notes peek in. The barn is complemented with some resin and sweetness, plus spices and mentholy herbs. Maybe I detect similar notes in other Hindi oils, but they are seldom quite so fine, so complex, and in so perfect a balance as in Hudhayl. The overall profile is reminiscent of the top-notch no-longer-available classic (aged) Hindis, but whereas those oils could be flat, Hudhayl shimmers with life. It's like comparing an immobile window with a many-faceted prism rotating in the sunlight. I've worn Hudhayl twice so far, and during one wear a deep, gorgeous, decidedly floral note came to the fore and lasted a few hours. I could not identify the floral but it was one of the most beautiful, soul-touching olfactory experiences. I'm reluctant to describe the floral note in such terms because I didn't experience it the second wear, so most likely it will appear some times and not others. Which is just fine, variation is part of the discovery and adventure, plus Hudhayl so well-wrought and complex that I imagine that any variations will be thoroughly delightful. Hudhayl suits any gender; longevity was all day (was still going strong after 12 hours).

Hudhayl has adjusted my notion of what a Hindi oil can be: I now see that a classic Hindi oil need not be only barn and brawn, but can also be spectacularly beautiful. All I can do is congratulate Al Shareef and wear Hudhayl again ASAP. J.S USA

I just gotta share: Hudhayl, the oil, is Elegance Personified! It carries the smoothest, creamy vibe, including dried fruits, a mild turn to pepper & spice, and a nod to old, broken-in weathered leather. I chuckled to myself while wearing an A-2 bomber jacket, and a lovely person walked up to pay me a compliment on the jacket, mentioning its smell! It already feels like an old soul oud. After repeated wearings of Hudhayl, I return to my initial impression that indeed, it feels like an old soul oud. Good work Jawed! J.H UK

I am speechless A.A Sweden

Phase 1, chocolate and cigar, incense and resin, musk and old wood, oudy and syrup, peppery and dried fruit. Phase 2, a brightness blooms with more incense and a delicious barn, then for a while it mimics a Cambodi, the dried fruits start to hydrate and share their aroma, there's coffee brewing in the backroom on a tabletop of polished antique wood. Phase 3, more resin, more barnyard, more oudiness, more spice. The rightness has turned into darkness. This oil has an aged vibe already but it will surely age more. Not very barny, not a beast, you have to come in close to enjoy the show. It's hard to stop sniffing this one. C.C USA

I love Kyara and when I read your description in Hudhayl the wood mentioning that Hudhayl has glimpses of the Mandalee which is the Arab equivalent of Kyara I was intrigued to try them and compare. I am loving this amazing experience, I still can't get my head around every facet, and every time I take my wrist to my nose I am engaged with something different. R.T Australia

Just reminds me of a resinous piece of hindi wood being heated slowly. T.G UAE

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