Sandal – The complete Aroma - Sandalwood connoisseurs would tell you that when smelling the full collection of their coveted oils they would often wish they could carry the finest facets of their collection and have them present in one oil - the creamy buttery sweetness of a well-aged Mysore, woody nutty aspects of a freshly distilled Mysore and the zesty, perfume-like sharpness of Australian sandalwood.

When we initially released the vintage Fritz Brothers Mysore we noted the beginnings of a trend stirring the slumbering passions of many a sandalwood lover. Swiftly noted by and then mimicked by other vendors who released their findings this ignited the general interest and appreciation of Sandalwood to a revitalised level.

At this juncture we decided to revisit key perfumery concepts around Sandalwood Oil to ensure we bring forth rich experiences from our traditional texts to our consumers. Sandalwood is a prized perfumery commodity with many applications in the perfumery world - from a cleanser and carrier, to partial and complete use of its aroma, there is so much that can be done with Sandalwood oil.

When an artisan dissects the aroma progression of an oil, there are always desired elements and  some not so desired elements in the olfactory passage. A good artisan will attempt to eliminate the undesired profiles so that the beautiful aspects of the oil are showcased. One may ask what is the reason behind the undesired aroma existing in the first place? Its primary cause is the composition of the raw material. Not every bio-compound that accumulates for a rich piece of sandalwood is of aromatic value, and there are aspects that do not have a desired aromatic value yet cannot be avoided in the distillation process.

So how can one remove the undesired elements?

Distilling the oil multiple times with the most accurately tuned parameters can be a tool to capturing the preferred aroma elements and removing the undesired. We call this process ‘double distillation’.

Australian Sandalwood has some incredible aromatic properties that are highly desirable. However, the challenge with Aussie Sandalwood is that there are some overwhelmingly pungent aspects that can potentially overpower the desired aromas. Utilising a multi distillation process developed a marvellous woody, zesty scent  with a sweet, warm but spicy aroma. In fact this oil is the same oil that some major niche perfume houses in France use as their carrier oil.

The next step, the Fritzsche Brothers Oil is then infused with the double distilled Australian oil and the final product – Sandal – The Complete Aroma - has an amazing 3 dimensional sequential progression. The reason I say three dimensional is because there are more notes to this oil than the standard sandalwood notes- A general lovely light freshness to the oil, not due to the oils but rather the reduction of the stronger leafy wood notes at the top. Glimpses of a beautiful spring morning, with wafts of orange blossom, fresh cut green spices, and smooth creaminess.. In the middle the light freshness settles to an aged rosiness together with a woody undercurrent, not a plain wood, but one rubbed with some cinnamon, coated with a light smooth butteryness. The base is the sweet honey butter wood scent  associated with the best of aged Mysore. This is Sandal –the complete aroma.

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