As consumers, you would have repeatedly heard about the distillation process of oils. Regardless of the various tricks and differing equipment that vendors use, the process of distillation rotates around a few key fundamentals; raw materials in a pot, vapor cooled into a distillate and the precious oil separated. After some curing and aging, the Oil is then bottled for the shelves. This simple process produces majority of the Oils in the market.

Then there are other Oils. Our unique Oudh Oils. Oils that do not follow this standard generic method. Contemplate:

Round 1

Step 1: Wild Malaysian Oudh wood from Keda soaked for two weeks in pristine water and then cooked on site to produce the most amazing resinous, deep, dark green oil that was then aged for two years.

Step 2: Wild Aceh Oudh, sink grade, flown directly out of the Island to our facilities in Australia. Soaked for two weeks and then cooked in a hybrid stainless steel pot with a copper coil cooling system. The Oil collected was a thick golden hay nectar, so thick it was almost caramel-like. This was aged for 6 months.

Step 3: Resinous Organic Hindi wood, ground, soaked for 3 weeks and cooked in traditional deghs; the product - a lovely smooth woody oil. Aged for 12 months.

Round 2

Super grade wild Malaysian wood from Kelantan ground to a very fine powder to break down the wood fibres in lab conditions - No soaking. This was then placed into our lab distillation apparatus and added to this were the oils from step 1, 2 and 3. We then fired up the process of Parallel combinational distillation; this technique works as a catalyst for the formation of new Oudh compounds that would have otherwise escaped in the hydrosol. It also gives us the ability to capture and amplify those notes that are so cherished by Oudh-lovers, those deep dark resinous woody notes.

A first experience of an Oil that captures the best aspects of Oudh and then puts them on steroids. There is an amazing scent when Oudh is grounded in the shredder for distillation. A scent that personifies the life of the wood being shredded, the scent of resin in dust powder form.

Aasiya opens with a resinous Oudh dust, making its presence known for a long while before it is lauded by a rose musky wood, surrounded by fruits not tutti frutti but dates, prunes, sultanas, and then the slightest sweet honey hay, herbs and a tinge of medicine...

This is not a blend of oils a mixture, or a concoction - this is the cutting edge of distillation perfumery, an Oudh that is otherwise only custom distilled for private collectors.

This is Oudh Aasiya, Oudh Asia. The unique collection.

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

Yes, this is a special oil. At first sniff it has the muskiness I love in Chinese oil, plus its medicinal, plus smokiness, some dark cherries, resin, and more. I'm getting to recognize the Al Shareef signature and its high-level beauty. J.S USA

Yes! Another unique oil from Al Shareef. J.H UK

The overall feel of the openning is signature of Al-Shareef Oudh I haven't smelled elsewhere only in some of his artistic creations...Sniffing now the wand and the resin sweetness is showing up clearly than what I have tried for the first time. Someone would not imagine this complex dark scent profile based on the color only LOL! Great Oil Indeed A.I USA

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