QANDAHAAR – The Wood, The historic ‘Oudh route’ is a fascinating journey from its origins in the Subcontinent and South Asia across sea, desert and mountains to the Arabian Peninsula. Such amazing cities as Konya, Balkh, Bukhara, Nishapur, Varanasi and Qandahaar dotted its length that stretched from the furthest tip of China next to Japan to Tyre in modern day Lebanon.

Caravans carrying Oudh with them travelled through cities bustling with activity and markets displaying every imaginable scent and spice to carry with them the most prized woods in human history.

QANDAHAAR– The Wood is a reflection in time of those ancient cities. Some of them still stand today with different faces - ones that the people of those caravans would not recognise.

When I place a sliver of QANDAHAAR – The Wood on my electric burner and gradually heat it up I begin my journey in the Indian City of Roses, Kannauj. Dried kannauji rose petals heated gently not a rush of rose, but faint whispers enough to carry me over the Himalayan ranges where the cool breeze of fresh musk greets me before coming down the slope hills into tribal Afghanistan. There, I am greeted by mint and bamboo winds from China and the lovely smell of traditional candy houses of central Asia..heated sugar not fully caramel but just shy of it with a slight pinch of hay envelopes me journeying past the shisha houses of Tehran where resinous smooth Tobacco with a tamarind flavouring blows across the night sky and then finally the burning Oudhy oomph of the Hindi begins to come through as we arrive to our destination in the Arabian Peninsula where the Oudh is to be off-loaded.

Notes: Musk, heated dried rose petals, mint, cut bamboo, heated sugar, resin, hay, tamarind, smooth Tobacco.

This is QANDAHAAR – The Wood narrating the stories of a 1001 nights.  

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