No fragrance enthusiast’s repertoire is complete without a solid musk blend that really celebrates the natural beauty of Musk. AND when it comes to musk then there is musk from all corners of the world, however Tibetan Musk has it’s own lofty position at the top of the list.

Tibetan Musk is one of nature’s most perplexing, sensual and captivating fragrant material available to man. It is arguably considered one the most superior type of Musk - Our predecessors certainly thought so. Regarded both superior and valuable our forefathers would utilise a pestle and mortar fashioned of gold to prepare this cherished substance.

Far beyond mere opulence and ostentation the reasoning behind the use of a golden pestle and mortar were two:

1. The inert nature of the gold metal safeguarded the musk from being contaminated by foreign aromas

2. Gold is a perfect conductor allowing the heat from the grinding to escape into the surrounding mortar. Every effort would be made to regulate the temperature of the musk below body temperature.

The grinding and preparation of musk play a pivotal role in how the final product smells. Foreign matter such as skin, hair and dirt taint the scent of the musk and carelessness during the grinding process causes the musk to spoil. If the musk has not been prepared correctly how can the concluding scent hope to be a worthy representation of the intricate nuances and richness Musk has to offer?

Nowadays we have infrared thermometers that give pinpoint accuracy of the temperature during processing by simply pointing towards the ingredients, high grade glass labware to ensure surgical cleanliness with filters of all grades to guarantee no foreign objects make their way to the final composition. Though there has been a huge leap in the advancement of Science the principles and formula are the same - the only difference are the tools.

Composed on the foundation of Tibetan Musk and prepared in the distinct manner of Al Shareef, this prized ingredient was macerated in Mysore sandalwood for 1 whole year and then steeped for a further 2 years in a tantalising blend of Oudhs, Woods, Resins and Roses. The final musk preparation had been aged for 3 whole years prior to its application in this unique masterpiece.

The musk maceration was then artistically blended with 4 different types of exclusive Oudh. After some resting patchouli, bergamot and varying quantities of classical vintage Hindi, 2 types of Malaysian and a royal Chinese  Oudh were added. After additional resting, rose and touches of golden-brown ambergris were added to create a sensational musk masterpiece.

Turath, opens with what is known as the heat of the deer beast. In the wild when the male musk deer is ready to mate or is ‘in heat’ as it is commonly known, it spreads the musk excretion around its surroundings signalling its readiness to mate. This particular excretion radiates a deep animalic heat - it is this heat that first flares and is experienced when Turath is applied.

A smokeless, fireless, fragrant wave of heat closely followed by a sweet animalic leather with undertones of lightly fermented apples and dew melons. Whispers of musky patchouli drizzles through with the flourish of rose welcoming spicey woods and musky hay with dustings of nutty earth.

If you pride yourself with a keen and sophisticated sense of smell this is a scent that will beguile and provide you with unabashed pleasure and delight. A word of warning though; If you are new to Musk tread cautiously and beware - this is a fragrance at the peak of olfactory delight and that in itself has consequences…addictive indulgence.

Such rare quality ingredients would fetch a great deal more simply because of rarity of such high quality material. Today you would be hard stretched to find Tibetan musk, let alone one that is prepared with such skill and artery is truly a gem. We will not be putting this item at a premium price because we had promised you surprises in 2018, and here is one for your collection, a master piece that you can awe over.

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