Your overwhelmingly warm reception of The Scented Month box, and specifically the bakhoor cubes inside, we have a surprise for you...

DHIKRAYAT – from the Arabic meaning memories.

Al Shareef’s hand crafted Dhikrayat consists of some of the most exquisite ingredients known to man; Oudh, Musk and Saffron to name a few. When it comes to traditional compositions of bakhoor and fragrance this is something we pride ourselves in.

These cubes are the toil of love and passion; the process is initiated months earlier with the grounding of the woods that form the foundation for the scent portrait. After the woods have been prepared the resins are grounded and then in perfect proportions the herbs and spices (saffron, clove, cinnamon etc) are added and mixed with the woods - then comes the oils, roses and resins. After being blended and left to rest for 6 months they are further grounded into a powder, sifted through fine mesh and then kneaded and rested for more than 24 hours to then be rolled, cut, and let to dry for 5 days.

Hand crafted with no binding or combustion materials such as charcoal, these are composed of pure and natural ingredients prepared with love and passion - when you smell them you will fall in love with them.

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

Heavens but this is amazing. The creamiest richest rose-saffron-wood aroma ever. It's so pungent even without burning, but a 1/4 lump crumbled over charcoal filled my living room with a narcotic haze of bliss. S.C. AUSTRALIA

It’s a very riveting scent- not “pretty” but hypnotic and solemn. I rarely burn 2 of the same incense in a row but, as soon as the scent was finished I wanted to re-experience it again. I am now settling down for the night but am going to delay going upstairs to sleep so that I can continue to savor this shadow-y repose a few moments more. M.W USA

My First bakhoor and I am loving it. T.B U.S.A

I love the fact that all my favourite ingredients are packed into this little mighty cube and I dont have to worry about the acrid scent of binding material. What I LOVE most about these cubes is how long the the beautiful rosey woody + frankincense creamy aroma lasts. F.H UK

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