You won’t be surprised to learn I have a soft spot for our flagship ‘Al Shareef’ series. Infact I personally designed the distillation apparatus for each of the distillations - right from the traditional stainless steel pots, hand crafted stainless steel neutral pressure condensers to the advanced water balancing glass collectors.

Though we take pride in all of our Oils, the ‘Al Shareef’ collection is specifically cherished not just for its olfactory art but due to its resonating tribute to the centuries old tradition of perfumery of the Al-Shareef family. Tradition, prestige, art, skill and pride all meet personified as a single collection.

In our tradition we celebrate important occasions by presenting the choicest gifts to one another - with the advent of the new Islamic Hijri year what better way to commemorate this instance other than to release an exclusive treasure? Al Shareef IV.

A fusion of the highest quality wild Oudhs from across the Malaysian jungles, Al Shareef IV will be the second last release from the Al Shareef Series of Oudh Oils. True to the philosophy of the series it is one of the most well-rounded Oudhs to have graced the market. It is mesmerising, full of character and at a none beatable price.

Al Shareef IV aims to provide the best of what the Malaysian mainland (the crown region for wild Oudh in modern time) has to offer. Our vision was to give our clients a feel of the age and cross-sectional variance all in one oil – an eclectic fusion of the highest quality Oudhs from across the Malaysian jungles from Kelantan to Malacca.

Back in 2008 when the first of the Oils utilised in Al Shareef IV was distilled, Malaysia was abuzz with high quality woods. In fact, you could say it was ‘the hot spot for agarwood gems’ due to the depleted agarwood in Cambodia and India, the connoisseurs and hunters had their focus on Malaysia. The first oil we distilled was from wood we collected from the depth of the jungles south of our Kelantan facility. A rich-bodied bitter dark Oudh oil was produced that on first whiff reminds you what Oudh oils were meant to be like, reverberating with a deep unctuous Oudhyness.

The second Oil was distilled from a tree located in the Malacca region dying of its infections and well over a 100 years old in 2013. There is no other way to describe this particular oil other than to say it is an immediate woody fragrance its presence bringing joy.

The Malacca region has produced some of the most ancient oudh trees I have witnessed in recent times. Due to its geographical location of South West of Malaysia (opposite to the North East commonly renowned for its Oudh region) it has somewhat remained sheltered from the brute exploitation that has hit the other jungles. 

The pots employed for the task were the traditional Stainless-Steel pots with stainless-steel condensers and transport tubes - I believe that there is no better way to juice older trees than simply using the classic setups, they marry well and tango together like no other modern distillation setup could.

After the two oils were distilled and cured, they were then aged in our unique aging chambers wherein we control the temperature and humidity. The temperature at which an oil is aged is extremely important, for example, a bright oil when aged in a dark cool space will produce a totally different result to the same oil in a natural ambient lit and temperature space. Dark cool spaces are a nightmare for those vibrant green and aqua blue oils. Through the generational experience that we have at our disposal we apply the specific curing and aging method required to make every Oil flourish and sing its own song.

Opening with dark and bitter notes that is rolling in a refreshing dust of ambergris powder wood, an ethereal light breeze breathes over the top, caressing up and then diving back deep into the ambergris wood taking your nose with it trying to get another whiff of that beauty. A light fruitiness suddenly waltzes in, not a lolly pop fruity but a rich, potent scent  - think indulgingly ripe dates, prunes, figs on the side of a summery tamarind drink - you perplexedly realise the woody notes are in the middle and the fruity notes at the end. This is Al Shareef IV - not just a blend of two oils, but the coming into one of two oils - the heart and soul of the deepest and darkest nooks and valleys of the Malaysian Oudh jungles.

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Regal, sensual, intoxicating OUDH, give me more! This oudh is wrapping it's arms around me and loving me. R.P UK

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