DOHA - The Morning
Being a master perfumer composing olfactory delights is an art form that I had a natural ability towards and with professional training I was able to take that ability to a whole new level.

I always expand my horizons by seeking different dimensions of olfactory expression.

One such recent expansion was in the field of incense stick making. Whilst I had a solid background in composing bakhoor (middle eastern incense) making those compositions into Tibetan or Chinese style incense sticks was a whole new ball game.. From the selection of raw herbs, woods, spices, resins, musk and ambergris right to the grit to which the ingredients are ground, the choice and quantity of binder, if at all, the making of the dough the diameter of extruding the sticks, the speed of drying and many many more parameters determine how the sticks will burn and ultimately how they will smell.

With guidance from a wonderful colleague @kyarazen and my mentor Tibetan incense making Master Dezhe who has been making incense for over 20 years, I began this journey two years ago.

Approaching fragrant materials from a perspective different to what I am familiar with and with a different like and application, but with the same purpose: to uplift the soul of the beholder once the composition is complete.

Throughout this journey some of you would have sampled some of my works or parts of them, my steps in learning another art form in the wonderful world of olfactory expression.

Today after many months of composing, grinding, extruding, testing, and runs back to the drawing board, fine tuning testing and repeat I am humbled to have a composition that brings together our Arabic bakhoor philosophy with the Tibetan philosophy of incense making. Welcome 'Doha' 'Doha' in Arabic means morning, this is a new morning for us to explore this wonderful fusion of olfactory expressions a celebration of of Arabian and Tibetan cultures.

Composition: Oudh from Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka, Sandalwood from India and Australia, Taifi and Bulgarian Rose, Kashmiri Saffron, Ceylon Cinnamon and smaller amounts of herbs and spices for fine tuning. 

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

I absolutely love it. S.S UK

WOW on the first whiff i took on the incense at ambient temperature before burning any(about to break off a tiny bit to burn in a second) J.S USA

Doha has blown my mind S.H France


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