There is a lot of similarity in how Oudh Rakhawah was distilled and how Oudh A'meen was distilled. The key difference being the wood for this distillation came from Borneo. These are our first offerings online and we wished to give our clients  options to chose from, in variety and cost efficiency. 

We named this the flowing continuous; Oudh Rakhawah because the scents flow smoothly one note after another; a Borneo with dry mintiness, buttery nuts and a tinge of lemon grass, plums and dusty Oudh dancing together confidently.

A middle note with a lemony brief, basket of tamarinds, berries, and a little bamboo syrup, soft simmers of bright woods and touches of sage.

Ending with a minty wood base that flirts back and forth with the middle notes bringing back some tamarind and bamboo. This is a Borneo that you can apply liberally and wear it daily.

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What our discerning clientele are saying:

I'm a fan of Borneo's and I really liked this oil. As soon as putting it on you can tell it's a good Borneo, it has what I think of as a 'wetness' that I associate with Borneo oils. It also has an ethereal quality but not as strong as it is in other Borneos. There was a nice coolness about this oil almost mentholy, after a while that mellowed out and it seemed to get alot warmer and more complex. Almost like a blended perfume, with hints of vanilla and spices. It then seemed to completely transform, there was a strong similarity to Cambodi ouds with the smell of ripe fruits and what I think of as 'oudyness'. This oil was very surprising and I enjoyed wearing it very much. A.R.G UK


I especially like oils that have both horizontal and vertical progressions, and Rakhawah indisputably belongs to this group. Rakhawah is less carefree than some jaunty, ethereal Borneos in my collection, but it is also richer, more complex and mature. Its thick and sweet opening notes are comprised of plums, hay, moist golden tobacco, vanilla, and licorice, notes, until now, I have always associated with Cambodian oils. There is a subtle barnyard element, layered with notes of cozy dampness and melted wax. In contrast, the delicate minty note of snapped birch twigs smells refreshingly green, breezy and cool. The drydown is very warm and mellow, replete with powdery woods, juicy plums, and a furry, musky softness that is too gentle to be called animalic but that is invitingly snuggly and engrossing. M.W USA


I am really enjoying Rakhawah! It starts of the with classic Malaysian Borneo green smell that lasts a few hours, then it mellows down to the sweet oudy aroma. What I just love is the dry down, as I caught a whiff I was thinking what a beautiful Cambodi. I smelt my wrist and it is just beautiful ripe fruits and that tobaccoy scent is just crazy. One of the most beautiful Oils I have ever smelt. Longevity is just too good over 24 hours on my wrist with multiple hand washes and a shower :D. F.A UK 


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