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Hassan: ‘So what Oudh do you prefer to wear on joyous occasions such as Eid?’
Al Shareef: ‘Oudhs that make my soul rejoice, bring peace to my heart and intrigue to my nose -regardless of how many times I have worn them.’

Hassan: ‘Could you make your personal Oudh available to your clients?’

What a question! All artists have a bespoke creation which is solely THEIRS. An item which is for no one else but them – If they are a watch maker the watch they wear will have a specialty function that no other in their range has. If they are car designers the car they drive will be a mark above those they design for clients – we as perfumers are no different. Many perfumers create a personal signature scent for themselves, created of rare ingredients merged in perfect harmony to enjoy at their pleasure.

As perfumers, we are very protective of the creations we create for ourselves as it is a very special step. It is solely for you. Intrinsically yourself. Then comes along a dear friend like Hassan (a close friend of mine hailing from Egypt) asking if you would make that personal creation of yours available to others. I have been mulling over his request throughout the whole month of Ramadan and it has been a struggle. Why? Simple. Once these bottles get sold I will be left with a very small amount for myself but I hope it conjures the same feeling of euphoria inside you that it conjures inside me every time I wear it.

Al Malek Al Aasiyawi the Asian King is an aged Oudh oil blend of the finest Oudh oils from Asia including Ky Nam, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hindi and Malaysian Oudh oils that are as precious as drops of pearls and emeralds. A single origin Oudh can offer a thrilling but limited experience due to the restricted number of notes it can possess. The single origin experience is a dimension or mere page from the many pages of the whole Oudh experience. This is why when we smell an Oil we are able quickly identify where it is from – our olfactory library has stored the relevant associations.

Rather than working with a single source the thought process behind crafting Al Malek Al Aasiyawi (AMAA) was to draw on as many sources as necessary to provide the most complete Oudh experience possible. AMAA Captures the different facets of each of the oils in a vibrant symphony; the beautiful incense powdery top of the Vietnamese that provides a lovely deep ambergris rose experience gliding softly over the aniseed honey pollen of the Chinese before marrying into the bitter deep dark jungle of the Malaysian and rising into the rounded smooth tobacco leather hay of the Hindi – all enveloped and set into motion with the bitter sweet, slightly medicinal Ky Nam.

With the current Eid Sale on I could not imagine a better Eid offering to our dear clients.

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