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For centuries the Indian subcontinent has arguably produced the most luxurious and finest Oudh Oils. Whilst that accomplished legacy may find itself in the firing line due to wayward practices carried out by greedy traders and distillers it is understandable why the outside world has the expectation and belief that the best Oudh will always be Hindi – and it truly can be sublime.

Named after the great Arabian poet ZUHAYR is a treasurable Oudh Oil distilled from trees on the Khagrachari Hills of Bangladesh; home to the Mong Chief, the King of the Arakanese. This area is breathtakingly beautiful. Vast hills covered in dense forest, valleys of flowing rivers, rich sun-baked earth, and the thick pulsating scent of forest life. Amongst the reverberating stillness lies the wilderness and matured sense of royalty that is present amidst the Arakanese.

Cooked in a stainless steel setup that was unconventional for this region. A pot with a vertical rise column and a 45% downward angled double layer cooling condenser, with a glass collector. Both the columns are 4inch in diameter so we are able to run the distillation at much higher rate as  there is minimal backward pressure.

As the first few drops of ZUHAYR landed into the collector, our little factory in Bangladesh was filled with a heart pulsating floral Oudh scent that brought the sparkling scents of Grasse in the otherwise thick Monsoon humidity. What I smelt here was synonymous with the incredible Oudh oils I had grew up around, not just barn but simply beautiful. These are not just oudhs they are fragrant poetry.

Though there is a lot of reference to burning Oudh chips when describing oudh oils, here is a different touch imagine this-the scent of slow heated king grade oudh bubbling together with a deep, gorgeous, decidedly floral notes that come to the fore and last a few hours. This is not like the garden florals that you are maybe used to, it is the  most beautiful, soul-touching olfactory experience – and this is just the opening. The middle notes greet you with a dignified and noble character – leather, hay and slight pasture all in balance. A combo of medicinal plus gentle essence  notes peek in. The barn is complemented with some resin and sweetness, plus spices and mentholy herb workingtogether and in so perfect a balance. The overall profile is reminiscent o f the top-notch no-longer-available vintage Hindis, but whereas those oils could be flat, Zuhayr shimmers with life.

What engages the olfactory sense is a perfectly time cubed of aroma, each facet rotating in perfect harmony, residing for just the perfect length of time before a different facet, another ray, and another alternate dimension reveals itself to you.  Every full bottle we will also include 2grams of the wood that went into making this oil. This is not a one day or one week oil, it will take you many weeks to decipher the multitude of facets this oil has to the extent that it will command a permanent place on your wrist.

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0.2ml Sample Vial, 2.5ml Glass Bottle

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