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Size: 0.2ml and 2.5ml
Region: Central
Country: Malaysia
Year: 2021


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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

Masterfully distilled Malaysian Organic Oudh of the highest quality, oudh oil that you know is premium with a reasonable price.

Product Description

HUR in Arabic means free – and there could be no better description for this Oudh.

When distilling Oudh there are generally some limitations distillers impose upon themselves by following methods. For example, Indian distillers have a specific manner synonymous to their region in distilling Oudh wood as do Indonesians and others.

As Malaysia is like our second home, we felt it was time to accomplish something that wasn’t shackled by habit or routine. As the saying goes “where there is an idea there is a way to express it”- and we had a visionary epiphany; distilling naturally-grown Malaysian Oudh wood by applying Chinese techniques. Though not widely practiced the idea felt completely harmonious considering Malaysia has 3 main cultural groups; Malay, Chinese and Indian.

Though not common knowledge, what makes this distillation super interesting is Chinese distillers did not derive their techniques from the Indian Oudh masters but they developed their own unique distillation philosophy revolving around traditional Chinese medicines alchemical philosophy.

In simple terms, this centuries-old philosophy details extracting all the goodness and evading any of the negatives of the plant from making it to the final distilled oil. After all – the oils the Chinese distilled were used for treating a variety of ailments from simple aches and pains to more complicated physiological conditions. In a few words, the Chinese believe that an oil used for treatment must be of such caliber that it is good enough to eat. Please note: I am not recommending you consume this nor any other oil prior to consultation with your physician.

So here we have naturally grown, some call it organic, central Malaysian Oudh, distilled in the most pristine clinical setup to capture the spirit and essence of the wood. I wouldn’t go as far as to say this oil is a representation of the whole wood, because whole wood has both good and bad parts; and anyone who has heated wood will tell you that. Hur Oil frees the soul of the Oudh wood.

HUR merges seamlessly the world of scents associated with deep dark resins and their bright crisp green noted counterparts, HUR is incredibly intricate. A green trees’ woody scent with a brush of camphor top note, like the soft breeze caressing the scent of early morning orchids. The middle is a cool-green resinous note with plenty of horizontal complexity. Imagine the coolness of mint but without the mintiness and herbal palm, chopped bamboos mingling with orchid blossom. The dry down is a deep wooden Oudh resin with rhubarb leaves, cinnamon, and oriental spices, not hot but cool.

Let Hur free you from the shackles of habit in your oudh journey and try something masterful.

Product Review

  1. L. N. – VIC, Australia (verified owner)

    Hur is a wonderful Malaysian oil, stamped with the regal ASO signature. Punches far above it’s weight, even though it’s ‘organic’ I get as much enjoyment from wearing Hur as I do some of the higher grade ASO Malaysian distillations. Beautiful minty jungle camphor, ripe fruits, vanilla, agarwood resin bubbling on charcoal. Zero off notes, everything in it’s right place. Fantastic!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)


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Top; Lemon grass, bambo

Middle; ripe fruits, camphor, woods

Base;  Oriental Spices, Oudh Resin


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The fragrance of middle eastern royalty, natural, niche and luxury.