Al Bayt Al Ateeq II

Size: 0.2ml and 2.5ml
Region: Makkah
Country: Saudi Arabia
Year: 2023


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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

Al Bayt Al Ateeq II provides the most amazing olfactory experience, soul stirring and emotion evoking.

Product Description

Al Bayt Al Ateeq was a private release that we had composed some 15 years ago around 2007. We first made it available to customers 2013/2014 A private release, only accessible to customers on request. As is common in the connoisseur world of Oudh and Attar, word spread fast and within a short time it was one of the most coveted attars out there. The batch was small and demand high, with many people longing for a chance to experience it.

10 years since…we have now decided to release Al Bayt Al Ateeq II.

It is not often we get to experience a wonder of the scent world that gives us a soul stirring experience but Al Bayt Al Ateeq II is exactly that. Meaning ‘the Ancient House’ in Arabic it is a scent named after the Sacred House, Al Ka’bah, because it recreates the precious fragrance used to perfume the Holy Ka’bah.

Only one fifth of the world’s population has access to visit the Holy City of Makkah. From amongst those, only a minute number have had the opportunity to visit the Sanctified City. From those who visit (and ask anyone who has been) very few will get close enough to smell the aroma of Al Ka’bah’s bricks and its gilded and perfumed Black Cover and Black Stone; let alone have a bottle of it to apply when they wish.

Many years ago, Al Shareef with one of the Perfumery families of the Holy City recreated this scent to be made available to the public. From time to time, a limited amount was released but we refrained from releasing it in the last few years due to being on our last Batch. What is interesting about Al Bayt Al Ateeq is its likeness to how the current fragrance used for the Ka’bah smells. Where as our other compositions like Khalouq is more of how the fragrance for the Ka’bah smelt centuries ago.

Our last release of Al Bayt Al Ateeq was on the last day of Eid Al Adha (2016), we decided to release a few bottles as we felt many people would benefit from the experience in more ways than my words will ever be able to explain as this is a priceless experience, and not replaceable.

Once beauty reaches a certain level, it is difficult to encapsulate with mere descriptive words…the beholder accepts and submits to the fact the ingredients speak for themselves; Oudh, Ta’ifi Rose, Musk, and Ambergris to name a few. Rather than attempting to describe the scent we will share what others have said about it.

“I’ve smelled many mukhallats containing oud, rose and musk (at least I think those are notes in your creation), but Bayat al Ateeq is exceptionally sublime. Some oils are lively; Bayat al Ateeq is alive! The most astounding thing about it is that it pulses with my own heartbeat. It seems to know who I am, to breathe with me, to flow with the stream of my own blood. It curls on my chest like a fatherly presence; easing, calming, supportive; it releases as it rocks. Powder drifting mounds dust my cheeks, billowing soft and divinely touched. It has the luminous sheen of silk velvet, yet the quiet strength of stone. There is no need for fancy adjectives. Bayat al Ateeq seems entirely natural- as though it always has been, and always will be. Like some paintings, some music, some sculptures- Bayt al Ateeq simply is.” M.W USA

“I still remember Al Shareef sending me a sample of the first one (Al Bayt Al Ateeq) like 8 or 9 years ago. It was a mind blowing emotion stirring experience MashAllah. I would say the best attar iv ever smelt to this day.” .F.A UK



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The fragrance of middle eastern royalty, natural, niche and luxury.