Al Malek Al Kalakassi

Size: 0.2ml, 1ml & 2.5ml
Region: Assam
Country: India
Year: 2009


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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

The legendary, Kalakassi – an oil that had the whole Oudh world on their toes or should I say ‘nose’. An oil that every reputable vendor wished to have due to its finesse  and fame in the Oudh perfume world.

Product Description

Here is our second release of The legendary, Kalakassi – an oil that had the whole Oudh world on their toes or should I say ‘nose’. An oil that every reputable vendor wished to have due to its finesse and fame in the Oudh perfume world.

There are a few different usages for the term ‘Kalakassi’ depending on what region of the subcontinent the oil originates from. In some parts of the subcontinent ‘Kalakassi’ refers to oils that were distilled from a combination of different high-grade resinous oudhs. Drawing similarity to the confectionery stores who offered multiple varieties and experience of wonderful smells, the name carried over to oudhs that attracted connoisseurs like kids in a candy store.

In some other dialects it refers to black layers or black folds. This is in reference to the black trees from which the oudhs were distilled. These trees do not have a round trunk, rather they have a fanned trunk. Multiple folds at the truck and base of the tree represents a huge base and old age; In other dialects it refers to the mild banana note that the oils have.

Our reference to the term ‘Kalakassi’ is to the dark resinous trees. With huge multifanned bases that soaked in mother nature’s goodness to blossom and thrive into monster trees the scent of woods from these trees were beyond words – like snippets from tales long gone by. I do not normally display my collection but here I have taken a snapshot of Al Malek Al Kalakassi with the Kalakassi wood to illustrate exactly what we are talking about here.

There is another element that makes the kalakassi oil other than the wood, and it is that the whole process in the distillation of this oil is performed by hand labour. From the cutting of the tree, and cleaning the woods to even the chipping and pounding of the wood chips in a mortar and pestel prior to distillation. The distillation also contributes to what gives the Kalakassi character, distilled in the most simple of the traditional stainless steel degs with a conical top and a sharp down bent goose neck that travels through a water tank.

Al Malek Al Kalakassi is a combination and infusion of two parts. The first part we distilled in 2009 in the same style of pots with the Kalakassi wood gathered from across different locations of the subcontinent, keeping true to the definition of having multi region high grade woods. The second part was distilled in 2015 from Kalakassi wood gathered from the north eastern corridor of the continent. The two oils were then infused together cold and hot and allowed to age. Cold infusion produces a number of bonds that hot infusion does not, and having both allows a complete and complex fusion.

The result; a viscous nectar, velvety and smooth, silky on the skin with a lovely warm feeling-  a true assault on the senses. The aroma is sensual, complex and sophisticated on multiple levels. A wonderful clean hay note (the note that every oudh veteran craves ) coupled with notes of a gentleman’s weathered leather and Cuban cigars. Gardens of matured florals that have curled on rose bushes and then a cedar base with vintage Aleppo olive wood barrels. There is warmth, lots of oudhiness and then wonderful tamarind fruits, prunes and herbs. Al Malek Al Kalakassi is for all those who ever wondered ‘what is the best Kalakassi?’

Al Malek Al Kalakassi or simply in English: ‘The Kalakassi King’ is the pinnacle of what the Kalakassi Oudh era had to offer – a true art relic.

We are offering this limited gem in 0.1gram and 0.5gram standard sample vials.



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The fragrance of middle eastern royalty, natural, niche and luxury.