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Oudh Benchmark
As a perfumer I have benchmark samples for most my ingredients, these are the samples that I compare every new batch to, it is like ground zero. These samples are what I consider to be the best of that particular ingredient based on my individual experience and in most cases the collective experience of a […] .. MORE.
traditional oudh oil
Oudh Knowledge
Oudh, Oud or technically Agarwood is regarded as the product of a natural reaction to a fungal disease that infects the Aquilaria, Aetoxylon, and Gonystylus genus of species from the family of Thymelaeaceae. From these the best known for its resinous heart wood is the Aquilaria species. .. MORE.
the maluku islands Indonesian oudh
The Spice Island
The Maluku Islands is a group of roughly 1027 Islands in the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago. Known historically for it’s spices the Islands also carry the title of “The Spice Islands”. .. MORE.