A true ‘attar is never a mere compendium of differing ingredients carried out on a perfumers bench top. Traditionally speaking the ‘Attaar (Arabic term for perfumer) would distil and fashion their attars by co-distilling ingredients with a sandalwood base in special pots called deghs to produce a seamless fusion of harmonised notes.

The sandalwood base is an essential part of attar-making and traditionally mysore sandalwood has been the go-to source. As alcohol is not used in traditional Arabic perfumery the process of utilising sandalwood as a medium allows for ingredients such as ambergris and musk to better fuse with other ingredients and Sandalwood oil works as a brilliant carrier that imparts a lovely wooden end note. Today the term attar is used more broadly to mean a middle eastern or subcontinental fragrance composed of fragrant oils.

From the Arabic meaning Jasmine, Yasameen brings the experience of a true ‘attar cooked with traditional alchemy to life. Yasameen follows our traditional Jasmine ‘Attar formulae but in lieu of the traditional degs we utilised a smaller scale glass apparatus that would mimic the very same behaviour.

…And so loading the perfumers’ pot began: Mysore sandalwood, Siberian Musk, Iranian Zargol, Saffron and Jasmine to name a few of the key ingredients were cooked slowly at 70-90C to ensure the delicate notes of jasmine and saffron were not damaged.

For those of you who love Jasmine, this is your calling the Jasmine fragrance of Yesteryear. Yasameen opens up with a gorgeously balanced jasmine note that has the slightest touch of dirty to it much like the classics of the jasmine genre. The tune of jasmine then dances into a powdery, musky Italian cedar. The middle and top of this attar is an absolute joy, beautiful, enchanting and very inviting with musk and saffron as the stars. The attar settles down to a sandalwood, cigar and pine wood base that is layered with a patchouli and vetiver mist. I could have written a more detailed description but there is nothing like smelling this beauty, so don’t take the chance good classic Jasmine fragrances are rare and Yasameen wont be waiting for too long.

Yasameen debuts at a Ramadhan special of $310 after which it will revert to its original price of $390

Yasameen and Ward are sister, a wonderful duo perfect combination for every attar collector.

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0.2ml Sample Vial, 2.5ml Glass Bottle