Size: 2.5ml & 0.2ml
Region: Western Australia
Country: Australia
Year: 2024


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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

The Gourmand family of perfume is one of the newer coined perfume families, Salsabeel is a true masterpiece in the gourmand category of perfumes.

Product Description

The Gourmand family of perfume is one of the newer coined perfume families. Think:  caramel, chocolate, milk, candy floss, coffee, Cognac, toffee, almonds – and almost always, a generous helping of vanilla. In general, gourmand fragrances are warm and enveloping, the kind of scent you can snuggle up to. The issue with modern gourmand fragrances however is that they tend to miss substance and depth. There’s a lot of frills, pretty and nice, but lacking much of the intrigue and story. The thing is though.. I love the journey of the gourmand family, in most cases I just felt it was too short.

So what to do as a perfumer..? Yes, you guessed it, I composed Salsabeel aiming to rectify the problem with the vast majority of gourmand perfumes.  In my humble opinion, this is a true masterpiece. I chose to compose this fragrance in attar form rather than alcohol to give it depth and a prolonged journey that unfolds over some hours. Rather than a couple of pages in a news article, Salsabeel provides you with fragrant chapters, stories that one after another accompany you through your voyages, a perfect companion for cool nights.

Composed on a base utilising two of our most famous Indonesian Oudhs; our Merauke and superior Al Malek Al Malaki from our Malek series, you are in for a treat from top to bottom. The vintage Oudhs are coated with decade old Papua vanilla caviar, dipped in glittering emerald, aged green Ruh Khus (Vetiver), dusted with amber icing and a light grating of Belgian chocolate. In wafts a side of fruity gourmet coffee and a delicious tonka gelato.

Salsabeel….Cured, aged and ready for you to enjoy
A fragrant gourmand novel.


Top: Vanilla, Ambrette, Caramel

Middle: Ruh Khus, Tonka, Coffee,

Base: Merauke, Al Malek Al Malaki


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The fragrance of middle eastern royalty, natural, niche and luxury.