Al Malek Al Malacca

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Region: Malacca
Country: Malaysia
Year: 2019


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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

Al Shareef presents Oudh for Royalty from Malacca oudh trees distilled by masters of the art the pinnacle of oudh oil experience.

Product Description

Al Malek Al Malacca – From the Arabic meaning The King of Malacca.

Many of you know our Al Malek series of Oudhs are a joy to behold and the pinnacle of Oudh experience. What many of you may not know is the reason why these oils are so special. To us the reason is simple – these are treasures of times gone by that we share with you. These Oudhs were not distilled from trees lopped yesterday, nor were they distilled by young men experimenting with Oudh and distillation, but they have genuine history associated with them. Rather, they are Oudhs from ancient trees, distilled by master distillers of the house of Al Shareef who have grown old and wizened, each one of them contributing to this art in their own right.

There is very interesting history associated with Malacca. Once an a Islamic Sultanate known by the name Baab Al Islam, meaning the gateway of Islam, Malacca was the port where Muslim merchants first entered Malaysia. Through their trade with the locals, the people slowly accepted Islam. When the local tribal leaders became Muslim they then declared Malacca as a Muslim Sultanate, connecting it to the vast network of Muslim traders of South East Asia thereby enjoying vast economic success. Of the whole of Malaysia it was the most celebrated epicenter of agarwood in the golden age of Oudh. It must be noted that Malacca is to Malaysian Oudh what Kerala was to Hindi Oudh. Back in her-day Kerala was producing the likes of the famous Samandari Oudh which you are are hard-pressed to find today, even in private collections.

Al Malek Al Malacca was cooked in stainless steel pots at our Malaysian facility in what is known in Malaysia as ‘the traditional way’ – where the condenser is a long cooling pipe that runs across a brick tank of water. This is similar to the pots used in Kannauj to distil the Khus and Shamaama. Many distillers in Malaysia have come through the route of India-Burma-Thailand -Malaysia, this method though slightly bit more modern is very much in line with those that you may have seen in Kannauj.

As you twist open the bottle and smell the dipstick handle (which by the way are our new glass sticks) you are greeted by a tantalizing blend of herbaceous camphor, Ceylonese cinnamon and creamy caramel. Unplugging the dipstick you are embraced with the scent of old Japanese incense shops, twirling in a euphoric after scent of kodo ceremonies. Al Malek Al Malacca is not hot. Rather it rests on an iceberg providing a cooling almost ethereal sensation. Another whiff and the cards have changed, the shapes have shifted and the colours are new. Cool mint, menthol, a dose of ancient fruits; figs, dates, prunes and the distant wisps of citron peel. We are still working through the top notes and it has been a good hour.

As the top notes mellow, you are led to an orchard of cherries and dried nuts, the ground piled with freshly cut grass and branches ripe with vibrant green walnut kernels. A minty breeze blows gently through, and then comes the luscious ripe fruits; figs, dates, tamarind and oriental spices spread across a table carved from the trunk of an ancient wild Malaysian Oudh tree oozing with resin displayed for you to feast on.

Al Malek Al Malacca welcomes you to his kingdom.


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Top; Herbs, Camphor, Cinnamon, Caramel

Middle; Japanese Incense, Menthol, Ethereal

Base; Oudh Resin, dried fruits, Cherry


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The fragrance of middle eastern royalty, natural, niche and luxury.