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At first scent of this olfactory beast you will be hit by the sheer projection ability of musk. many people will tell you that when smelling a musk pod you will experience a sensation similar to a nose bleed – and that is exactly the ommph that you will feel here. Then comes the animalic warmth, not like the animal hide or barn, but like hugging fur. Then lovely apple and pear peel, together with a zesty, not full citrus but peels, rose wood like scent (not rose). Followed by the beautiful buttery honey goodness that mysore is famous for, add a touch of spice in memory of her hay days. This isn’t any mysore oil this is the crème de crème from the Government Soap Factory.

HEKAYAT can be worn neat on your skin and it lasts a very long time 10 hours + and projects very very well, filling a whole room very easily. What excites me in offering this to you is that if you are an enthusiast this will be the perfect medium to build your attar on. Hekayat gives you the chance to work with a sandalwood and musk base prepared by a perfumer, and this can be your benchmark to work towards.

Some of you may cry ‘just musk and sandalwood?’ – yes and no, whilst this may be true rest assured you have never smelled anything like this before, your mind will be shifted and your blood pumped – this will give you a paradigm shift in your olfactory experience.


Top: Musk, animalic warmth

Middle: lovely apple and pear peel, together with a zesty, not full citrus but peels, rose wood like scent (not rose)

End: woody, buttery honey, sandalwood


Musk, and what do you know about Musk? Glorified throughout history and revered as a fine fragrance element, there has been much dialogue on Musk and in particular plenty of interest in ‘how Al Shareef prepares his Musk grains?’.

My personal preference is to macerate musk with an Oudh. Whilst others may have their own opinion, my years of experience with Malaysian Oudh has led me to believe its dynamic ability in scent profile provides the best foundation for musk to infuse in.

From the Arabic meaning ‘storys’ HEKAYAT is a majestic maceration of mature Siberian musk and a vibrant buttery rose Mysore sandalwood.  Unbeknownst to many, Mysore sandalwood oil is an oil that initially became famous from one specific factory (Government Soap Factory, Mysore) in the city of Mysore. With the oil becoming famous very quickly alongside it the wonderful soap it produced, the easier name of Mysore replaced the longer name of the factory and it was simply dubbed ‘Mysore oil’. What many people do not realise is that the very same company that had distilled the Mysore sandalwood oil for decades is still in business today and continues to produce Mysore sandalwood oil. Many incorrectly claim that pure high quality Mysore sandalwood oil isn’t available – that simply isn’t true. though it is difficult to buy small quantities from large government factories these establishments still produce high quality oils.

I receive many queries from enthusiasts asking how we prepare our ingredients – here is your chance to experience both the sandalwood oil and the macerated musk. What we are offering is a maceration consisting of aged Sandalwood and musk, this maceration is  not a mere few grains at the bottom of a bottle, or meagre specs to make you feel good rather approx 30% by volume of musk to oil, so you will have a dense layer of musk grains at the bottom of the bottle.


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0.2ml Sample Vial, 2.5ml Glass Bottle

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