Al Malek Qadeem

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Size: 0.1ml, 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1ml and 2.5ml
Region: Bellatan
Country: Philippine
Year: 1987


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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

Vintage Philippine oudh distilled by a grandmaster distiller of the highest order, a beautiful rich kynamic oudh oil aged 4 decades, this is the peak of oudh experience.

Product Description

Distilled in 1986/87, and aged for 37 years, Al Malek Qadeem is a rarity for a number of reasons. It is rare because it was distilled from Oudh of a region largely unheard of in those days (we’ll get to that in a bit), furthermore, the quality of the wood was of what collectors savour in their collections (I will be making the wood available too view here), from stock they would never have envisioned to go into pots. Many classify these gems as the Kyara of the Philippines.

Back in the 90s Natives in the Philippine Islands would travel southwest to trade with the tribes of north east Nusantara, and the Nusantara would also travel North East to trade with the Philippines tribes. In these trade trips, on one rare event, some of the traders who had travelled to Philippines by chance travelled through a jungle that had oudh. It also happened so that these traders knew about oudh and it’s value. He brought back with him from the Philippine Islands what would be an incredibly rare find in those days and even now; Kyara grade Oudh from Bellatan.

These gems would be offered to Uncle Saggaf. Uncle Saggaf, who is also from the Ashraaf (plural for Shareef) decided he would distill some of this wood, both for his own use and the Habaib, members of the Ashraaf. When I look back at what uncle Saggaf did, I appreciate both his artistic mind and the value he foresaw this oil would have over time. Both from a scent perspective and that as a work of art Al Malek Qadeem would become a diamond of the oudh world. The other thing that is totally amazing is he stored it in full tola bottles, filled to the rim, which basically eliminated any air interaction.

See, Philippines Oudh is a  relatively recent find, people didn’t even know Philippine had Oudh until the 2000s. Secondly, due to the conflict in the region access to these areas were extremely difficult. The positive was if you knew what you were looking for you had virgin jungles of century old Oudh trees, untouched. On this trade voyage a number of odds came together for this Oudh to be discovered and that itself is a pure miracle. The trader, being familiar with Oudh was taken through the jungles where the trees majestically stood and he was able to sail them back without being caught in the conflict.

Distilled in the traditional manner, with only a short soak in spring water, stainless steel pots were filled and only 15 toola were caressed out of these amazing chunks of Kyara grade Philippine oudh. Al Malek Qadeem was intended only for family use, uncle Saggaf and relatives, and the rest went into the safe to be utilized over the years. Here is Al Malek Qadeem today, after 4 decades being offered as a limited release.

Normally I would describe the oil by beginning with a swipe on the wrist, however with this gem, lets start with a touch on the tongue and immediately the tip of the tongue is numbed, the mouth and nostrils are filled with a burst of Japanese dark cherry flowers, a burst of floral oudh, cool and numbing. That experience alone will be enough for those who know that this oil is on a league of its own.

Now a dab on the wrist; wow!, you are greeted with a tingle on your palate, a slight mango note a little like the first whiff of Sri Lankan Walla patta on low heat, but there is more going on here…there is an oceanic white ambergris breeze a little bit of the wilderness, not salty, but slightly white peppers, resin, amber. Then there is the blossoming cherry bloom, the bitter sweet interplay and dried blue lotus, followed by a light milky glucose, not caramel but more woody wrapped in dark coats of chocolate akin to white chocolate immersed in a dark cherry powder. The more I smell this the more I appreciate the genius of Uncle Saggaf, this isn’t just art, this is a person really chasing his passion, no one in those days would have distilled this grade wood, it would have been utilised for burning and collecting. This is madness, I have a numb tongue, my olfactory sense are in a delightful trance, and it is just the beginning…

I invite you to experience the rest of the journey yourself.

Product Review

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Delicate refined experience with Al malek qadeem.
    If oudh can be pictured as wisdom, this one would be one of those old monks staying in one of those high mountain temples! And I, have “inhaled wisdom”!

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