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Today, Sarawak is the largest of the 13 states that form Malaysia with its size being almost equal to that of Mainland Malaysia. The earliest known human settlement in Sarawak dates back 40,000 years at the Niah Caves, making it one of the oldest occupied Islands in the Malaya Archipelago.

Sarawak’s rain forests are primarily threatened by the logging industry and palm oil plantations. The issue of human rights of the Penan and deforestation in Sarawak became an international environmental issue when Swiss activist Bruno Manser visited Sarawak between 1984 and 2000 raising awareness about the logging that was destroying the ecosystem of a whole civilisation; the Penan.

Studded with large tracts of tropical rain forest its abundance of plant biodiversity continues to be studied for medicinal properties and with some of the oldest untouched jungles on earth, Sarawak remains one of the oldest mother sources for agarwood that we know about. Oudh from many different jungles claim to be sourced from Sarawak though that is not the case. Sarawak Oudh possesses a distinct character and flavour – one might even say, a distinct red-brown hue.

As promised, we will be releasing treasures to welcome Ramadan 1442/2021. We present a gem from our treasure chest called SARAWAK. In many of these Oudh pieces you can still see the remnants of ant holes and insect shells – all pieces are fragrant at room temperature.

The scent of these woods remind me of a special drink that is prepared in the east with honey and milk. Different versions of this refreshment are also drank across the Muslim world during Ramadan; almonds, pistachio, raisins and Pandan water. Pandan water for those who don’t know is a natural hydrosol from the Pandan plant that is used in sweets similar to rose water. It has a cool, cardamom type of flavour.

Our special rare SARAWAK oudh pieces will be released at a promotional offer 30% off for the first 48 hours thereafter returning to retail price.

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