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Region: Serendib
Country: Sri Lanka
Year: 2019

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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

Product Description

The Arab traveller Ibn Batuta and the Arab Geographer Al-Idrisi referred to Sri Lanka as “SERENDIB”. It is believed that this was the Arabic version of Sidhaleepa, meaning “the dwelling place of lion’s island”, a term used by the Indian traders whom the Arab sailors interacted with. Some records also say that it also meant “Island of Rubies”. This beautiful Island is also home to the agarwood species Gyrinops Walla, famously known as Walla Patta.

Our Serendib Incense sticks is a fragrant motion ‘video’ on the 3 different rare occurrences of resin structures in the Walla Patta. These three rare types are sinking grade chips from the trunk of the tree, sinking grade chips from the trunk that have been buried, and the immediate area around the first fungus infection on the tree, some call this section the ‘Kyara’ of Walla Patta and it can be soft like a mud cake.

Whilst the goal and vision were clear; to give a fragrant motion of these unique sections of the wonderful walla patta, capturing the scent of each of these unique presentations of agarwood wasn’t. Even if one was to heat up pieces from each of the chips the overall scent would be a culmination of all rather than the individual beauties of each. This is one of the reasons the Chinese valued incense making as an appreciative art form. It allowed fragrant materials to be presented in a multi-dimensional presentation with the aromas each broken into layers and notes one coming after the other like a well composed orchestra.

SERENDIB incense stick

Serendib will undoubtedly be the most fragrantly sophisticated Walla Patta sticks I have composed to date. I have spent over 4 months of constant reflection, labour and testing. Whilst the actual sticks are not physically pretty the content is, and the scent is absolutely phenomenal, please don’t take my word for it, try them.



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