Al Malek Al Maliyzi

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Size: 0.2ml and 2.5ml
Region: Malacca
Country: Malaysia
Year: 2012


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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

Introducing Al Malek Al Maliyzi – The Malaysian King. Distilled in 2012 for one of our VIP clients in the Royal Court of Doha this Oil is a fragrant jewel from the royal crown of Malaysia.

Product Description

As you twist open the bottle and smell the dip stick which by the way is still sealed and inserted into the bottle it is as though you are smelling the most tantalizing blend of camphor, Ceylon cinnamon and Madagascan vanilla from a distance. Unplugging the dipstick you are greeted with oriental herbs twirling with camphor that is resting on an iceberg providing a cooling almost ethereal sensation that has a good amount of spice and edge. You take another whiff and the cards have changed – the shapes have shifted and the colours are new: cool mint, menthol, a dose of fig and distant wisps of citron peel. We are still working through the top notes and it has been a good 40 minutes. As the top notes mellow down you are lead into an orchard of walnut trees with the ground covered in lemon grass and branches filled with vibrant green walnut kernels. A camphoric breeze blows through gently and then the luscious ripe fruits; figs, dates, tamarind and oriental spices spread across a table carved from the trunk of ancient wild Malaysian Oudh tree.

Product Review

  1. R. H. – AZ, United States (US) (verified owner)

    There is no denying this is high quality Smokey earthy beautiful Oud but on my skin it doesn’t project too strongly, it’s a more beautiful intimate wear. The sample ASO generously provided though, Nusantara, is more compatible with my skin chemistry

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Top; Camphor, Ceylon Cinnamon, Madagascar Vanilla

Middle; Citron, Menthol, Mint, Figs

Base; Walnut Trees, Figs, Dates, Tamarind, Oriental Spices, Oudh Resin


Al Malek in Arabic means The King, in the Arab world it is also the term employed when describing the highest grade of oudh. We have been receiving a great deal of interest regarding our Al-Malek Series for some time now and thus far had opted to respond privately to these inquiries. We refrained from making publicised announcements regarding these gems because our Al-Malek Series are rare works of art and in the oudh world they are the Oudh Royalty.

Resinous logs painstakingly distilled with finesse in the yester years the Al-Malek Oudh series were crafted with the intention of never being reproduced, period. We hear a lot about legacy, and words such as ‘legendary’ being used to describe oils the Malek series is none of those.

The Al-Malek Series of Oudhs are a priceless collection – A selection of oudh Oils crafted with such precision heralding them fit for the ‘art collectors’ of the Oudh world; enjoyed and appreciated by Oudh professionals that have sampled almost everything and are in pursuit of distinct refined Oils for their bespoke collections. Oils which cannot be just broken down to region and scent profile, calculator or crunching numbers – nor can a beginner nose appreciate them. Truly sophisticated and my bending complex oudh Oils you would be hard to part with – even in hard times. I was also loathed to debut this series to the wider community as it would mean I would have even less remaining for myself and family.

Based upon the request of a dear friend Al Malek Al Aasiyawi was released to much acclaim on our website last year and we are now down to the last couple of bottles. Upon further request from close friends and clientele who had acquired the Al Malek series and wished for others to also enjoy them so that the appreciation of these wonders spread far and wide,  we have decided to make some of the oils from the Al Malek series available – anyone considering themselves an Oudh collector will rejoice at discovering these olfactory delights. The quantities on offer will be the standard 1ml, 0.5ml and 0.1ml.

Al Malek Al Maliyzi was distilled from an ancient tree hailing from Baab Al Islam, Malacca. This mature tree had all the signs of a tree that had been fighting the fungus for a long time, riddled with ant and worm holes, the Oudh resin was literally crystallising out of the very ant holes.

There is very interesting history to Malacca. From the Arabic meaning ‘gateway of Islam’, Baab Al Islam was the port where the first Muslim merchants entered Malaysia. From the whole of Malaysia it was the most celebrated epicentre of agarwood in the golden age of Oudh. It must be noted that Malacca is to Malaysian Oudh what Kerala was to Hindi Oudh and Kerala back in her day was producing the likes of the famous Samandari oudhs that are nowadays hard to even find in private collections.

Al Malek Al Maliyzi was cooked in stainless steel pots, what is known in Malaysia as ‘the traditional way’ – where the condenser is a long cooling pipe that runs across a brick tank of water. This is very similar to the pots we use in Taif to distill Ta’ifi rose following the alembic style. The beauty of these systems is that they cant be rushed. The opening from the pot to the cooling pipe is nearly as large as the pot head, so the steam escapes the pot without causing any pressure into the pot. Whilst this sounds simple, this gradual pace that allows the wood fibres to breakdown slowly and the oils from the deepest nooks to rise brings out the best of the fragrant compounds from the wood.

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The fragrance of middle eastern royalty, natural, niche and luxury.