Layal – Scented Nights

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One of our ritual traditions to prepare for the Month of Ramadhan is to prepare both physically, mentally, and spiritually. No item is of more significance than the formulation of a joyful, uplifting incense to encourage long nights in prayer.

When it comes to traditional compositions of bakhoor and fragrance then this is something we pride ourselves in. From the Arabic meaning Nights, LAYAL is Al Shareefs’ signature Bakhoor for ‘the scented month’. A potent Bakhoor, LAYAL was crafted from some of the most fragrant components known to man; Oudh, Musk, Rose, Ambergris, Frankincense and Saffron.

As you sprinkle LAYAL on your charcoal before you head off to the night prayers or settle down to relax, the fragrance envelopes itself around you in a blissful cloud that even those you encounter enjoy. As you return home perfumed remnants of your prior fumigation linger in the air, greeting you to a wonderfully fragrant home.

Composed over a multitude of evenings, the oudhs that formed the foundation for the scent portrait were meticulously crushed into perfect portions. After the woods the resins were grounded with the musk, ambergris, saffron and rose petals were added for balance and refinement. To fine tune the composition delicate amounts of herbs and spices were added and all of the ingredients were blended together. Before curing, Oudh, sandal, rose oils were skilfully added and the bakhoor was left to mature in the dark for 30 days. This is Layal, poem of the nights, your nights…

Top: Rose, Musk, Saffron, Vetiver

Middle: Hujari Frankincense, Myrrh, Resins, Spices, Ambergris

Base: Vietnamese, Sri Lankan and Indian Oudh, Australian and Indian Sandalwood



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