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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

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TEEB in Arabic means fragrance, and what a wonderful fragrance it is!

The most beautiful things around us are simple. Yet we get so carried away with the complex world we have created for ourselves that we falsely assume complexity to be beauty. TEEB challenges all of these perceptions.

– Crafted from the rarest of natural ingredients: Beach cast ambergris and government quota Siberian musk as provided to the native inhabitants of Siberia.

– Prepared in accordance to alchemic methods dating back 1439 years.

– A completely spellbinding celebration of Ambergris and Musk.

To put it quite simply -Teeb is one of the most beautiful fragrances known to man.


What an amazing world we live in! We, the most intelligent of beings on earth find immense pleasure and joy smelling Ambergris. For centuries ambergris was a mere mythical substance until whale hunters eventually made the link. The sperm whale is the only whale type that produces this amazing substance resulting in a most valuable perfumery ingredient.

People tend to think of Ambergris as the whale vomit – but this isn’t entirely accurate. It is actually the result of indigestion (Oh if only if our own was be this valuable!). Whales cannot tolerate the beaks of squids which results in irritation of their digestive system. In an effort to protect the intestinal tract, the whales digestive system excretes a fatty substance that in its essence is a steroid. This gathers around the beaks and becomes a blobby substance that is then exited from the rectum of the whale, and being a fatty substance floats the oceans until it is finally cast onto a beach.

Coming through the intestinal system bestows some inherent faecal characteristics to the ambergris whilst the salty water of the ocean mingling with the light of the sun bleaches the lump and adds an oceanic, salty element to the profile.


The Siberian Mountains is one of the last base stations where musk grains can be ethically obtained. The Siberian Musk deer roams the mountains of North East Asia going as far as the Korean Peninsula; a small animal no larger than 17kgs as a full-grown male, reaching full maturity in just 12 months from birth.

Within the musk deer’s preputial gland is produced what is commonly referred to as musk. The secretions constitute of free fatty acids, phenols (10%), waxes (38%) and steroids and are used to mark territory and to invite mating partners.

TEEB celebrates the beauty of Ambergris and Musk together. One of the first things you will notice is the texture. It is not an Oil but instead a silky smooth paste much akin to a balm. Unlike oils balms last much longer on the skin and the beautiful musky wafts of oceanic breeze with sprinkles of leather, tobacco and garnishes of basil flower engulf you for hours on end. Whilst our skin breaks down essential oils and absorbs them fairly fast reducing the projection and longevity of fragrances this balm with its high concentration of solids lasts for hours on the skin projecting waft after waft of sensual fragrance waves.

In the old world these two ingredients played a pivotal role in the best of scents. As the ancient Chinese incense makers would say “Musk projects the fragrance of a scent and ambergris binds everything in harmony”. We delicately grounded the ambergris and then the musk, added the two together and continued grounding until the combination was a fine dust. Adding fine touches of ambergris oil and oudh we folded and beat the ingredients into a silky smooth fine paste.


Sea breeze , beach sand, a smooth drop of citrus in the back ground, muskiness, glittering salt on polished wood, a faint whisper of deer skin leather, wood amber, oudh incense, a lightly balsamic undertone, distant fire, wet sand.



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The fragrance of middle eastern royalty, natural, niche and luxury.