Our Tradition

Al Shareef Oudh is about craftsmanship, quality and tradition.

We artisanally create scents of times long gone by; Luxury oudh oils, Middle Eastern Incenses and Aromas that will liven up the beholders soul.

Luxury Oudh Oils and Woods have been a part of our tradition for hundreds of years. We take great pride in our tradition and in the preservation of the sciences of Boutique Scents, lovingly safeguarded and passed down from generation to generation – we are not mere enthusiasts – our heritage is what makes us who we are, and it is this richness of heritage that distinguishes us from other Oudh distillers and perfumers.

We believe Oudh/oud is a timeless wonder. It provides upliftment in both religious gatherings and private settings. Be it Oudh oil or Oudh wood, both can take you on a very personal and valuable journey. Rich and multi-faceted, Oudh evokes moments lost and personifies emotions felt. It is a myriad of notes chiming in perfect symphony, unfolding one after another transporting you to an almost tangible time – we understand the intimacy and value of Oudh, of unspoken nostalgia and these stories are embedded in the Oils crafted for our discerning clients.

The creation of an Oudh/oud Oil is art – we craft and compose Oudh/oud essential Oils like the fashioning of a fine painting; hand picking and resting the finest woods, meticulously cleaning through chips, no shortcuts are taken in the processes of soaking, distilling and curing. Finally this art is bottled; an ode to our excellence, heritage and tradition. We pride ourselves in producing the best oudh/oud oil.

We also work with other luxurious materials such as musk, ambergris, sandalwood and rose oils to blend prestigious scents the likes of which were worn by the former Caliphs, Emirs and Sultans.

At Al Shareef Oudh we look to the future and are involved with one of the largest Organic Oudh initiatives in the world. Conforming to strict international standards in how we plant, take care of, inoculate and harvest Oudh we endeavour to ensure all raw materials are sourced ethically. Harvests are conducted in a manner whereby minimum loss is caused to the parent tree – if certain branches can be cut instead of the whole tree that is what we do. As natural Oudh trees diminish there is no doubt the future of Oudh is based around sustainable organic Oudh – Our aim is to ensure the future generations are not deprived of the pleasure of experiencing pure Oudh.

In a changing world that is fast leaving tradition behind, we take inspiration from our history and ground ourselves in it. Today this legacy is one of perfection, quality and artisanal craftsmanship, with the distinct mark of history. We apply the same fundamental methods that were employed traditionally, enriching it with the experiences of time and the accuracies and efficiencies of modern science, recreating the experiences of the old in a modern age so we can experience Oudh in a vintage manner.