Ramadan Oudh

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Size: 10grams
Region: Nagaland, Prachin, Central
Country: India, Thailand, Cambodia
Year: 2022


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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

We decided to make this Ramadan fragrant for all those who desire to smell amazing… Here, we present 3 wild varieties of very good quality Oudh at an unbelievable price.

Product Description

As Ramadan is just around the corner many in the Muslim world begin to prepare themselves for this Holy Month. Ramadan is a month where Muslims seek to gain godconsciousness, focusing on worship and charity. It is a month of spirituality, drawing closer to the Creator and seeking His Mercy. Days are spent fasting and nights stood in prayer and supplication. The nightly prayers mean many often go to the Mosque for extended hours at night creating the perfect environment for Oudh, bakhoor and fragrances. Every worshipper tries to wear their best clothing is keen to smell the best..infact smelling good when presenting oneself in worship is in itself a virtuous deed.

We decided to make this Ramadan fragrant for all those who desire to smell amazing… Here, we present 3 wild varieties of very good quality Oudh at an unbelievable price. We want everyone who wishes to burn incense in this month to have an opportunity to without being excluded.

Now about these amazing chips..
These Oudh chips are high grade Oudh chips that have broken off from larger pieces. We collate these pieces different sizes pieces until we have a large enough batch to offer it to the public. These are the type of oudhs you can burn daily knowing that they will hit the mark every time and at the same time you have not broken the bank acquiring them.

Prachin is a region to the East of Bangkok boarding Cambodia, our Prachin chips are amazing chips of oudh, absolutely beautiful, resinous, floral, with a deep oudhyness that lingers wonderfully on the beard, hair and clothes. Prachin is a region that offers oudhs that everyone can enjoy, it isn’t to strong, or heavy, it smells like a gentle floral woody incense. Wonderful and engaging, providing a calming feeling that is ideal for prayer and meditation.

Nagaland Char, hailing from Nagaland in India, these are pieces from the base of the oudh tree. Hindi oudh is heavy hitting, resinous with a little bit of oudhy barn, the smell of rolled cigars, and tobacco with amber resin. The after smell on clothes and hair is amazing and long lasting. The smell whilst burning will be more for those who love and understand oudh as the nuances might miss a beginner. Hindi oudh after all is what all oudh lovers crave.

Finally Cambodi Chips, I really did not want to let these go, I use them myself regularly and it is hard these days to collate such lovely chips that you can just burn throughout the day to your hearts content. These Cambodi chips are a perfect balance, the strong oudhyness together with the finer floral notes. It is oudhy, woody, leathery with touches of that lovely soft floral and dried fruits. These are so lovely smelling you would be holding your head high knowing you smelling amazing.

These three Ramadan oudhs are such a wonderful gift that you can gift to your family and even local Mosque so that they can fumigate throughout the holy month.

Product Review

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well worth it, get it while you can

  2. L. N. – VIC, Australia (verified owner)

    Genuine wild Cambodi Oud is rare these days, this batch from ASO is beautiful, the aroma is out of this world especially considering the price! Deeply Oudy, leather, flowers, sweet resins, plenty of dark cherry / rich red fruitiness. Highly recommended.

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