Al Ghaliyah II

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“As the Sultans’ entourage rode by, the perfumers apprentice was drawn to the very path they had crossed – he gasped – In their chaotic wake was a dense oceanic ambergris spun with beautiful rose. Spices from the far east mingled with sensual animalic musk hinting at tales of palace intrigue and wait…that key enigmatic ingredient; Oudh! and lots of it…
At that moment he was filled with icy determination: He would become the finest perfumer in the land, and, one day he would tend to the Sultan himself!”

7 Years have passed since the release of the famed Al Ghaliyah, sought after even today years after in was sold out. A perfumery treasure that every collector wishes to have in their collection.

Just like seasons come and go – so too did many Ghaliyah’s, there have been many before and many after. Countless perfumers have had their own interpretations on what they believe is ghaliyah and there is nothing wrong with that, but for me its personal. Al Ghaliyah is a part of our rich heritage, the heart of our tradition and at the core of the perfumery philosophy I follow.

When I released Al Ghaliyah in 2013, it was from the oldest recorded formula that was passed down generation to generation from the time of ʿAbdullāh bin Jaʿfar D680 AD.

Ghaliyah as a fragrance was not static in our tradition – One of the earliest additions to make its way into Ghaliyah was rose oil, with the Islamic advent into Persia, rose oil distillation from the planes of the Hindu Kush mountains were employed in some of the Ghaliyahs of the time as early as 650-700 AD. With the passage of time perfumers embraced the addition of new ingredients as more fragrant oils became available and the latter perfumers continued with the development of Ghaliyah formulas.

Each formula holds its own place with the original formula reigning at the top of the mountain. I felt it was time to continue the tradition and compose an iteration of our Al Ghaliyah. In Middle Eastern perfume philosophy transitions in scent progression is a key feature that is primed by aging. The science of aging of ingredients is extremely treasured in our tradition and with this rendition of Al Ghaliyah II it was a prerequisite that what I consider the pivotal components is at a minimum aged for 2 years and secondly that it brings a unique dimension to the composition.

Al Ghaliyah II is built off the base of a wonderfully rich musk maceration. This musk maceration was prepared by hand, utilising age-old methods of cleaning, grounding and then infusion into the most dense of oudhs. The Siberian musk shines in Oudh as it rears into a wonderful beasty earth note peppered with nuts and leather added for grace. Musk has always been a pivotal feature of Ghaliyah and it is no different here.

To this wonderful base is then added the most potent of ambergris, to give it a wild oceanic current and tide. Modern perfumers tend to shy away from the potency of ambergris, in particular the more raw-animalic type, however in the old we were always taught how to tame the beast and draw from it dimensions unbecoming of it in raw form, here in Al Ghaliyah II these hidden gems are at full display.

Al Ghaliyah II is a powerful fragrance that will carry you like a Sultan at the head of any gathering of people. It will make you shine, stand above and establish your presence. It will have your heart beating with vigour and your mind sharp and focused leaving you at the top of your game.

Al Ghaliyah II isn’t just a fragrance, it is pages from history, a tradition and art.

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