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God! I have never been this excited about an Oudh oil that is only 6 months old.

I vividly remember leaving this young gun to age and whilst I normally wouldn’t touch an Oil for atleast a year this bottle happened to be placed infront of some other bottles I was trying to reach. As I shifted this Oil out of the way I was suddenly tempted to see how it is developing and lo and behold! I was bedazzled. Based on this surprise I chose to name this gem MODHESH, meaning strikingly wonderful in Arabic – I truly was struck with wonder.

I have to wind back a little to share the journey of this particular Oil with you; some 6 months ago we distilled some Oils in Kalimantan and after shipping our stock we realised half of our oils had been forgotten. What a different story it would have been if we never realised! After lots of calling around we located where they were and had them sent immediately to us via DHL right in the middle of all of the Covid-19 drama. Thinking about it now, this beast had so much going on right from its distillation down to its final curing.

From the jungles of Malinau, MODHESH was one of the final distillations we planned on doing before closing for the rainy season. In all honesty, nothing initially stood out about this distillation – the wood used was the last layer of incense shavings before the wood is finished for selling as incense wood. It was steam distilled using a system that is common to the early sandalwood distillations in India; a pot filled with water boiling producing steam that is piped into another chamber from the top blowing down, with the oil and distillate trickling down into the cooler beneath the biomatter chamber. Whilst the distillation was like any other distillation the results were remarkable.

MODHESH greets you with a storm of spicey oudh. Let’s be clear, there’s nothing boring here. This is your classic spicey leather fragrance – but on steroids. It has projection. It has silage and it has an Oudhy kick right at the top which is generally expected at the bottom. Touches of lemon grass, bamboo shoots and a bitter camphorness meet in an incredible deep green note that is nearly bitter but not quite. The image MODHESH conjures is that of a lush green garden with beds of spices dotted with camphor trees on the perimeters.

If you are one of those people who just cannot get enough Oudh oomph and are beginning to get bored of Oudh then MODHESH is going to ignite your senses in a way nothing has before.
Rediscover Oudh, all over again, with MODHESH.

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0.2ml Sample Vial, 2.5ml Glass Bottle