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Size: 8 x 0.2grams
Region: Multiple
Country: Malaysia Indonesia Burma Thailand China Cambodia
Year: Varied


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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

Product Description

This has been long overdue.

An Oudh discovery pack that introduces you to Oudh, and more importantly, gets you acquainted to Al Shareef Oudh. Many people get in touch with us requesting advice on the best way to get initiated to the Oudh experience; after asking some questions on their experience with fragrance and scent-leanings in general we recommend a starter Oudh that we feel is best for them.

The beginning is not quality based but rather based on the experience of the individual with Oudh or similar ingredients. In simple terms – what is the tolerance of the nose and the amplitude their nose can detect? A beginner nose will be unable to pick up nuances of an advanced level Oudh. As such, it is important for us to work with our customers to develop their nose and enable their ability to enjoy and grow in this journey. Many fragrance and Oudh vendors make the mistake of pushing sales without engaging development –  we hear it all the time when customers come to try our Oudh after having tried other vendors stating “I tried Oudh and don’t see why people are so in love”. After asking the right questions, we recommend a couple of samples only to receive a message from the very same person saying “I LOVE this”.

Here we present 8 Oudh oils we have identified with our customers that not only give you a solid foundation to develop your nose with Oudh, but provide a signature for 8 different regions.  Each sample is 0.2 grams providing you with ample to learn and enjoy from, guiding you in your Oudh journey.

A’meen: Kelantan Malaysia

A’meen opens with a burst of earthy medicinal notes, memorable but not overpowering, reminiscent of the nurturing of nature not its retribution, the earth flourishes into an array of dimensions: murmurs of gudang garam, wood ash and syrupy resins accentuated by nectarous musky wood notes.

This is an Oudh that offers just the right dose of strength and sweetness, not too much to overpower but just the right amount, perfectly proportioned.

Arakan: Burma

Opening with a mind-perplexing elusive note that weaves between ripen fruits or florals, it twists and turns making it very difficult to catch. I have worn this Oil numerous times to pin down this very note but I am still searching. It is like the bottom of white florals dare I say a sensual jasmine note, with the indolic touch and a top of ripe cherries and tamarind. There is a meditative feel with the sense of dark fruit bitterness and the calmness of mountains herbs, strong and clear. Clearly age plays a pivotal role based on how smooth the transitions are from slight ethereal top to the rich velvety heart and woody base. There is something unique about Oudhs from high altitudes; they seem to have the grandeur and stoic nature of the mountains to support you.

Modhesh: Malinau Indonesia

MODHESH greets you with a storm of spicey oudh. Let’s be clear, there’s nothing boring here. This is your classic spicey leather fragrance – but on steroids. It has projection. It has silage and it has an Oudhy kick right at the top which is generally expected at the bottom. Touches of lemon grass, bamboo shoots and a bitter camphorness meet in an incredible deep green note that is nearly bitter but not quite. The image MODHESH conjures is that of a lush green garden with beds of spices dotted with camphor trees on the perimeters.

Siam: Thailand

SIAM is a wonderfully rich full-bodied Thai, it isn’t a pop drink with a tutti-Frutti like scent that many other Thai oils share nor does it have fruit jam notes, SIAM is a dense handful of lavish Egyptian blue lotus, water lilly, cherry blossom and camphor. SIAM is a flower garden but not blooming with top notes blossoming with rich and fulfilling heart notes.

CKR: Hainan China

When you swipe CKR on your wrist, and I recommend you compare this with the actual wood, there are multiple layers and levels to this amazing oil. Starting off with a delicate vanilla, floral, earthy, and slightly bitter scent the journey begins; oudhy resin, touch of labdanum, aniseed, lovely aged leather, then comes along a touch of apple peel with some cinnamon coupled with a beautiful dark powdery resinous note, with a touch of cool menthol, before it settles to a wonderful long lasting flow of resinous vanilla note that will literally go for hours.

Sumuw: Cambodia

Thick, succulent richness is tempered by the bitterness of dark cherries, Cuban cigars and the spicy dryness of cassia, the balsamic sweetness of popular buds, and a cooling eucalyptus trill. These unexpected elements add flair and depth to the usual Cambodian profile. Considering the lavish amplitude of the flamboyant opening, the dry down is stellar but gentle, a perfumer’s pillow of soft woods, touches of green leaves, dried herbs and dare I say a caress of white flowers.

Merauke – Merauke Indonesia

Opening with a cedar pine note that is beautifully bright, nearly green, lush and graceful, you are presented with a wonderfully warm envelope of Merauke wood aroma that encapsulates you, wrapping its arms around you to console you; you are in good hands. The finest Merauke Oudh dust resting on salt white beach sand mingling with an aged wooden book chest, matured cigars and dark herbal ointments with the slightest hint of ethanol to make it light and pleasing. A touch of passion fruit flower, vanilla, clove, Ceylon cinnamon and a lovely bamboo greenness and THEN rises the kick we all wait for; the scent of bubbling Merauke wood on low heat.

Liu Zhi – Southern Mainland China

Liu Zhi is a meditative oil, immediately relaxing you and bringing a cool blanket of comfort and serenity. The opening a soft kynamic apple floral note, coupled with a touch of the mind-freeze similar to the famous freeze of tiger balm but without the heavy notes. The middle notes provide an atmosphere before scent, the atmosphere is that of goodness,; bits of cinnamon not cassia, delicate and delightful, sprinkles of clove, green bamboo shoots, Chinese florals and the beginning of faint whiffs of sinensis on a heater. Then returns the wonderful Chinese florals, delicate, not sweet but delightfully pleasant, poetic, philosophical and scholarly.

Product Review

  1. J. M. – WA, United States (US) (verified owner)

    An excellent price for an excellent sampling of oud oils representing the impressive range of artistry types available. Very quick delivery to the US as well.

  2. H. A. – NC, United States (US) (verified owner)

    ASO has the fastest shipping of all the vendors I’ve tried!

    And thank you so much for the extra surprise, Jumaana. I’m wearing it now and it’s gorgeous, not something I would’ve known about otherwise. And it’s my first Attar!

    Already planning my next order.

    Much appreciated!

  3. S. A. – MA, United States (US) (verified owner)

    A splendid sampling of a spectacular set of oudh oils. I’m a beginner to the world of oudh and this was the perfect set to spend some good quality time with (I’d say a few months) to begin understanding the different profiles of oudh. I found CKR immediately the most pleasing and ended up ordering a full bottle. In addition, the vendor maintains is quick to respond to any questions and concerns and offers plenty of guidance on how to improve ones nose and further scents to explore. From exquisite products to impeccable customer service I cannot recommend this brand enough. Prayers for your continued success and the continued blessings of your work!

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