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Al-Jawharah is a loving marriage of the finestcrafting of incense in accordance with the classical Emirati and Yemeni traditions.

In the Khaleej (Gulf) a wonderfully scented home is the pride of the woman of the house, an accolade of her skills, success and finesse, and a chapter in the narrative of her rich tradition.

Secret formulae of Bakhoor are hushedly passed down from mother to daughter, from generation to generation.  Crafting the Bakhoor is a joyous event – a gathering of wizened elders, the joyous sounds of laughter, the rhythmic celebratory hum of the Duff (drum) and an assembly of the tribes – each one creating their own unique scents, scripting tales too complex to be conveyed by mere words.

These formulae utilise the best and rarest of ingredients with no expenses spared, these ingredients are not just a means to an end but the cream of the crop, and the price reflects this; Saffron from Kashmir, Frankincense from Somalia, Oudh from Malaysia, Cambodia and India, Musk from the Himalayas, Indian Mysore Sandalwood, and ofcourse Rose from beloved Ta’if – and the list goes on.

Whether you use incense for your own pleasure or welcoming guests, Al-Jawharah will ensure you stand tall with elegance and prestige leaving behind you a luscious trail of scent; filling your surroundings with most welcoming and inviting aroma that carries the tales of generations.

Your journey with Al-Jawharah is no stroll in the park but a quest through the ancient and majestic silk road of scents…

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