Floating Mountains

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Region: Perth
Country: Australia
Year: 2020

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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

Floating Mountains – Kyara Sticks by Al Shareef Oudh are of the most premium quality and a collectors item not to be missed. These are fragrant at room temperature and they are a collectors item for any incense lover.

Product Description

Due to lots of requests I am releasing a handful of sticks from my personal stash for those who are keen and missed out when I first released the kyara sticks. Floating Mountains from my personal collection on offer, first come first serve, this is the last time I will offer these so this is your last chance…Good luck

One by one – Inspiration, ideas, lots of effort:- bring your dreams to reality.

Many people stop at ideas because they don’t have the drive to do the work in making those ideas a reality. How many possibilities never made it and how great those ideas could have been had they made it.

An idea; sticks hand made from arguably the most fragrantly complex material known to man, Kyara.

Effort; whole process hand worked – grounding, kneading, hand rolled one by one. No third party, no contracting to factories or students, all done in house!

Know exactly what went into your sticks, Kyara and Oudh, then more Kyara and more Oudh, not just any oudh, but the best Oudh you can imagine.

Kyara Sticks – the hard work and dedication that goes into perfecting incense sticks is a true test of one’s patients and focus. Then a top that with the complexity of an ingredient such as Kyara. You don’t really have any chances to get it wrong…unless of course you want to go bankrupt.

I devoted a lot of the lockdown time to this composition, so it has a lot of reflection, resilience and a fighting spirit. The composition also speaks of past and future, of the highs and lows, the beauty and beast of the world we live in.

Deep, rich, meditative, reflections and projections. Opens with a lovely powdery apple skin note, then bitter cherries combined with a lovely woody note that is nearly floral. Comes along the sweet incense wafts that is figs and dates, before transition to a dance between the sweet and bitter, the dark and light shades.

There is ~20% Kynam in these sticks, supplemented royal grade Malaysian and Indonesian oudhs. One of my intentions in making these sticks was to share some beauty, joy and hope with as many people as possible, after the difficulty we have all been through and continue to go through.

Composition begins with an idea, then sourcing the ingredients for the idea, then preparing the ingredients – this can sometimes take days if not weeks, milling down everything to the right consistency. In my compositions I don’t grind every ingredient to the same size. I will vary size of ingredients based on their behaviour during combustion.

After the ingredients have been milled, then it’s time to make the dough and extrude. I find the extrusion very time consuming and straining as every stick has to be rolled one by one. I do everything myself, by hand and that is why it takes so long and the passion and love can be felt in the sticks.

This is incense sticks at for get levels but a total different dimension. These are fragrant at room temperature and they are a collectors item for any incense lover.




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