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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

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Aromatic, Spiced Hindi Oudh

Resinous spicy opening on the back drop of pleasantly ripened fruits, not apples and pears but unctuous prunes and dates. The ripeness of Hindi Oud settles into the warmth of a barn; clean hay and woods. The wood is not simply happy to be woody but it wishes to swirl with eastern resins and Kandari clay, this is a Hindi Oudh that does not scream barn at you, but there is enough to keep your nose twitching for more. At $250 per bottle this is a well worth investment and when you try it you will agree why.

Hind (one of the early Arabic references to the subcontinent) was always notorious for its vivaciousness. Famed in tradition for its heady spices, sparkling jewels, vibrant colours and fragrant Oudh this region has not only produced magnificent wild Oudh today it is at the forefront of producing quality cultivated Oudh. When the mention of ‘best’ in reference to Oudh is made, it is without a doubt images of the subcontinent will spring to mind.

Home to some of the worlds’ oldest Oudh plantations the subcontinent has excelled in utilising alternative farming methods to mimic natural Oudh growth & precious resin development. Wood looked after more carefully than precious cattle by the locals, these prized trees are the future of natural Oudh.

Naturally Grown, Chemical Free Hindi Oud

Working with Organic Oudh: trees that were grown naturally on existing farm land, without deforestation, free of chemicals and pesticides, taking the black resinous wood that forms around the infected areas and the adjacent brown/yellow woods, grinding, soaking for 10 days and then cooking for 3, we cured and aged the Oil for a year… and that is Hind.

No – This isn’t your nose playing games. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking this Oil is a product of wild wood – this is how cultivated Oudh smells when it is nurtured by the hands of artisans and matured in the correct manner. If you were concerned about the future of Oudh, or you reminisce the days of good reasonably priced Oudh this is the Oil for you, the answer to your worries.



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The fragrance of middle eastern royalty, natural, niche and luxury.