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Year: 2019

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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

Product Description

Since our Al Ghaliyah ran out, I have been getting a large number of requests for some more and my answer has been the same; I simply cannot source those same ingredients again, but that hasn’t stopped your persistence. What I am about to present to you today is a fragrance I was not intending to release and rather keep it for myself and my children. However I share your love for Al Ghaliyah and I also share the pain of not having more so here is ‘Kaashef’ in Arabic is loosely translated as ‘the revealer’ – and what a befitting name this is for one of the most amazing expressions of perfumery!

It is the unveiling and unravelling of the hidden facets of some of perfumeries most prized ingredients; Musk, Ambergris, Rose and Oudh that warrants one to consider Kaashef a fragrance university in itself- a fragrance that broadens your scent horizon far beyond the imaginable providing olfactory immersion and seizing your attention at a much higher level of appreciation and enjoyment than normal. Be prepared to be intrigued and preoccupied by the scent on your wrist and also for those around you to notice – much like hunting beasts searching for the prized truffle ‘mm what’s that smell? I’ve never smelt anything like that I’.

Ingredients are celebrated in the Middle Eastern philosophy of perfumery – and the celebration takes the form of expressing different facets of the very same ingredient. It Is for this reason we had scholars like Al Zahrawi and Al Suyuti etc who wrote extensively on ingredients, their characteristics, uses, harms and benefits.

Kaashef gives Musk its due respect as ‘diamond of perfumery ingredients’ by playing the role of elevator, projector and extender in a myriad of elements that allow each of the individual musk facets to twinkle and shine like a mirror in the scorching midday sun.

Part of the fragrance composition life cycle is understanding how to handle ingredients, this is especially important when working with Musk and Oudhs. Oudh with the correct notes tend to marry well with Musk and the projector ability of Musk lifts the notes we know and love to the next level but It is a fine line to balance. When done well the result is profound but alternatively the Oudh-Musk combination can have an overwhelmingly bad outcome – In Kaashef there are 3 different Oudhs applied – and the combination is remarkable.

The aged beach-washed Ambergris brings together 3 different types of rose with each of their inherent characteristics clearly discernible. Think of roses that are woody with a light citrus undertone, no not soapy, but picture dry petals, golden and sun baked. You will note an amazing play of the rose throughout, right from the top all the way to the base notes. The rose never comes straight to the forefront rather it lingers with haughty prestige at a distance.

Kaashef opens with lovely powdery rose that can be described as being present but neither dominant nor centre stage. It is enveloped by some saffron, nuts and a sprinkling of spice. Then comes the middle with a musky and lightly smoky rose wood combined with the warmth of sea salt and a faint oceanic breeze ending in a sensual Oudh wood note, Cuban cigars dipped in smoky rose water with the refined hint of yearling leather.

Experience Kaashef the revealer of olfactory secrets.



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The fragrance of middle eastern royalty, natural, niche and luxury.