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MALUKU Wild wood

The Maluku Islands is a group of roughly 1027 Islands in the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago. Known historically for it’s spices the Islands also carry the title of “The Spice Islands”. Maluku “Head of the Beast” or Moluccas as it is also sometimes known is derived from the local native dialect refering to the shape that the Islands form which looks like the head of a beast. It is a misconception that the name was derived from Arabic as the name existed long before Arab arrival to the region. The group of Islands are mountainous and covered in dense jungle, the high altitude and tropical climate give the oudh from these highlands a unique characteristic. Coupled with the spice effect that the Islands are famous for, these Maluku pieces are a thing to behold. They have been selected based on their scent content and whilst they dont look very dark they do contain a decent amount of resin and oil.

Notes: Gingery spices, with touches of aqua green, chinese herbs, nutmeg, woods and dark cherries.

*Best effort has been made for the photo to depict the true colour of the woods, woods may differ from the photos due to difference in lighting.

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