Mysore 2018

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Region: Mysore
Country: India
Year: 2018

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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

The most sensual mysore sandalwood oil, pure indulgence from the source where the term Mysore was made famous. Aged for 2 years this is a golden opportunity to try the world famous Mysore Sandalwood oil and appreciate what all the fuss is about.

Product Description

Unbeknownst to many, the term ‘Mysore’ initially became famous due to one specific factory – the Government Soap Factory in the city of Mysore. The products from this facility were so well crafted that soon everyone around the world with a passion for scent was speaking about “Mysore Oil”. Its swift rise to fame was then followed by the wonderful soap the very same factory produced and people soon opted for the shorter and easier name of ‘Mysore’ to replace the longer ‘Government Soap Factory’. Nowadays whenever somebody hears the term ‘Mysore’ they immediately think ‘Mysore oil’ or ‘Mysore sandalwood’.

What many people do not realise is that the very same company – Government Soap Factory- that had distilled Mysore sandalwood oil decades earlier and contributed to its fame and prestige are still in business today and they continue to produce high quality Mysore sandalwood oil.

Some incorrectly claim that pure high-quality Mysore sandalwood oil isn’t currently available – that simply isn’t true. Whilst difficult to procure small quantities from the Government Soap Factory due to their multinational supply agreements it is not impossible and we are extremely lucky to have been allowed continued access to this world treasure.

Due to popular demand for the sandalwood we use in our very own products we are offering the 2018 distilled batch of Mysore Sandalwood Oil directly from the very source where the oil became famous.

On first whiff the olfactory sensors are greeted with a smooth creamy rose freshness. Transitioning slowly into a spicy fruitiness with a subtle honey sweetness in the background the warm spice breaths into a dusty-woody sensuously creamy middle note topped with mandarin peels finally unravelling into a euphoric rose-cream and buttery warm wood.



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