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Size: 0.2ml & 2.5ml
Region: Nusantara
Country: Indonesia


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100% authentic oudh from the best natural ingredients

Nusantara is intense, deep, rich powerful, it takes courage to take a deep whiff of Nusantara, it is intoxicatingly beautiful.

Product Description

Mango and Banana caramel, wafts of incense aroma wrapping around you followed by a light cool breeze of resinous vapes…this is just the beginning.

Nusantara is the Javanese name for Indonesia, it is the native name of what constitutes the Indonesian archipelago. A suitable name for this oudh oil that captures the soul of these beautiful Islands.

Indonesian oudh came onto the radar in the 80s, prior to this individual families had involvement in it, but nothing big scale and not much fame or glory. This meant that there were not a lot of cash flowing in to encourage the oudh industry, hunting, exploration and distillation. The 90s so steady change, the global market, especially the middle east became aware of variety and potential of Indonesian oudh, cash started flowing in and this created a thriving industry. Distillers started to develop their equipment and skills.

The end of the 90s and early 2000s witnessed the peak of the Indonesian oudh industry. Distillers had become proficient, hunters had fine-tuned their game and the global market was willing to pay for everything quality. This is the era when collectors from China and the Middle East would fly into Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, stay in 5 star hotels and spend their days going through suitcases of sinking grade Indonesian oudh. The oudh would come on boats from Indonesia to Malaysia and then driven to the KL.

Nusantara brings you oudhs of this glory period, when you could distill double super and triple super wood, and not even worry. At the that time not many people considered that there would come a time, when double super and triple super would be treasured for incense, and hard to find. I consider myself from the lucky few to have been passed down the wisdom to save treasures for the future, to plan long term. The long-term planning allows me to now open some of those treasures for you. Nusantara being the first of these gems.

The breeze of resinous vapes is swiftly followed by deep dark molasses of oceanic nature, bitter yet cool. There is a gentle touch of nut meg and camphor that will give you brain freeze and put you in fragrant trance. Its intense, deep, rich powerful, it takes courage to take a deep whiff of Nusantara, it is intoxicatingly beautiful.

Here is a piece of oudh history, don’t miss out.


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The fragrance of middle eastern royalty, natural, niche and luxury.