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The Hindi Suyufi woods became famous in the middle east for the aroma that was associated to wood pieces that looked like swords. Sayf in Arabic means Sword, and that is how this amazing wood got it’s name. These pieces gain momentum not only because aesthetically they were pleasing but also because they smelled amazing. Most if not all worthy collections in the gulf will have the prized Suyufi wood pieces. A type of wood that hasn’t had much coverage online and one that deserves to be introduced, so without any further ado here is Hindi Suyufi for your indulgence, and these are no average Suyufi they are Qadeem (old) stock Hindi pieces that will adorn your collection and mesmerise your olfactory senses.

Notes: Touches of Tobacco sprinkled with rose dust then immersed in dense amber, progressing into a deep oriental resin with wisps of dark dry fruits, a hint of saffron that gives it dryness, some cloves, cardamom and cinnamon in the distance and a faint tremor of freshly slashed herbs. Settling to a rich leather and the gorgeous woodiness soft yet deep and meditative.

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hind suyufi

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